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May 19th, 2014

iReading: Robohand project plans a low-cost 3D printed prosthetic leg j.mp/1naBIlj by @gigaom

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EdFocus THIS! A heroic Texas superintendent! Paris ISD - Welcome to Paris ISD bit.ly/RPWTdX @DianeRavitch

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@ELanghorst this preso on successful 1:1 planning by @jakeheister is one of the best I’ve ever heard speedofcreativity.org/2013/12/14/pod…

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@ELanghorst that is outstanding news! Be sure to reach out to @jakeheister as you move down the Chromebook yellow brick road… he’s a guru!

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TWCBreaking No confirmed or serious damage, just stunning beauty. RT @islivingston: Supercell now east of Potter NE pic.twitter.com/SSM5MDFv87

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Penigmalife Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. -Frank Zappa

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IESYukon Check out Cornstarch Goo Experiment photos from Mrs. McAlister’s 4th graders this month! yukonps.com/independence/H…

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new tutorial video (2 min) MinecraftEDU student computer (client) configuration j.mp/1jiellQ

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new tutorial video: MinecraftEDU client configuration j.mp/1neMNxd (2 min)

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iesSTEM [VIDEO] MinecraftEDU Orienteering Challenge (v 2) - (revised slightly from last week’s version) youtube.com/watch?v=XzJXC1…

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new post: Google Chrome & Homebase” Computer Lab Setup j.mp/1ji8ywE

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iReading: Sociologists Shed Light on Suburban School Choice j.mp/1mOk7ga by @HollyYettick

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iReading: Revoking Common Standards-An Idea Under Consideration in Several States j.mp/1hY0Bc5 by @cgewertz @educationweek

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Interested in & school transformation? Watch the 10 videos j.mp/1nZkhn2 via @samchaltain

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@cgewertz check your spelling of “Oklahoma” in the last paragraph of today’s article :-) blogs.edweek.org/edweek/curricu…

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new post: Load Saved MinecraftEDU World on School Server j.mp/1vtraPr @iesSTEM [VIDEO]

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MiamiDevice Tweet & mention @MiamiDevice, receive a code via DM for $100 off reg! pic.twitter.com/TI9GMbjuP8

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hoping to use free/open source iTALC software j.mp/1jgrc8h next year in our @IESYukon computer labs to show demos on Ss screens

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iesSTEM fantastic TV show featuring building skills & creativity: @SyfyTV Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge syfy.com/now/jim-henson…

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iReading: Twitter Exec Reports that Educators Dominate the Twitter-sphere j.mp/1o6mef7 by @EdSurge via @woscholar

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iReading: The Internet Course Summer Edition j.mp/1sJVukE by @bavatuesdays

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cmccormick21 US News and World Report STEM index t.usnews.com/Zzfdy?src=usn_…

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inspirational [VIDEO] Paper Airplane Inspirational Movie j.mp/1hWxl5m via @cmccormick21

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