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May 26th, 2014

Marketplace Why Google isn’t really free mktplc.org/R3Om6D our interview on the @frontlinepbs documentary

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michellemizner Sufficiently creeped out? Learn how to protect your privacy online. to.pbs.org/1lN597F podcast via @sarah_childress

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daviottenheimer hosted forum of @avast_antivirus compromised, suspected of being out of date. pwd hashes stolen. blog.avast.com/2014/05/26/ava…

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just watched on AppleTV part 1: United States of Secrets “The Program” j.mp/1oo5N0f on @frontlinepbs @PBS

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iReading: How the NSA Can Get Onto Your Computer j.mp/1jU5g3b by @frontlinepbs @PBS

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iReading: The Problem is not Lack of Technology - The Problem is Poverty j.mp/S9QzxX by @skrashen

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@lauragrisso @BigPurpleHat What’s the name of it? I’ll add it to my “restaurants to visit” in @evernote :-)

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iReading: Upgrading Blogs Through Lens of SAMR j.mp/1hs5HNN by @langwitches via @pgeorge

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thereadingzone A3: Ss should be creating, not regurgitating. They need to be creators, not just consumers! PBL, writing, coding,etc are great!

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KarenLewisCTU @TchrNORPAC not one piece of research shows test scores are valid our reliable marks of evaluating teachers.

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Hey @BigPurpleHat needs a restaurant recommendation for Muskogee :-)

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@courosa He used the free iOS app @narrable to make that

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@courosa here’s a narrated art project my son did about the hyperbola equation in Algebra II last year narrable.com/#narrables/lkg…

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courosa Looking for ways to use social media or apps to have students express their mathematical knowledge. Ideas/resources?

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@TMobileHelp we got the SIM from our local TMobile store, I don’t know what kind it is. It was previously a TMobile phone

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@drguycrain perhaps… But probably a real Jedi warrior. That’s my bet anyway :-)

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@ksfoofan thanks! I’ll relay your message to her :-)

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@TMobileHelp the used iPhone 5 I bought for my son will not connect to LTE, but it will to 4G. I use LTE here w my iPhone 5. Suggestions?

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Fantastic discussion of FCC & on This Week in Law TWiL 259: Maniac or Political Mastermind @TWiT pcasts.in/BNoG

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Beautiful photos of Sarah & friends last week before her 8th grade “bridging” ceremony at @OKCPS j.mp/1jnmDEM

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iReading: Out of the Classroom - Year in Review j.mp/S8m4IW by @approx_normal (gr8 end of year reflection!)

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iReading: Laugh So Hard (poem 261) j.mp/1jQE9G8 by @bobsprankle (a 365 poem challenge entry)

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