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June 1st, 2014

@vperezy I got confirmation Friday I’ll be presenting at TX so I’ll see you there! :-)

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@techsavvyteach thanks - I will recommend OmniPage to my friend… You think it’s better than Acrobat Pro for conversion?

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@shhsMath thanks - I tried Zamzar but it didn’t work either :-(

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@mguhlin It’s a 233 page document so I haven’t, it’s 33 MB. G Docs limits uploads to 10 MB for conversion I think support.google.com/drive/answer/3…

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@saracarterok thanks for the tip. Yes, it’s for a friend who wants to edit a book she has only in PDF format

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Where is all the salami for our Stromboli? Looks like our golden retriever help herself to it :-( instagram.com/p/ouJSWNugA4/

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@mrrydstrom … all comments are moderated. Here is the setting screen: flickr.com/photos/wfryer/…

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@mrrydstrom I can see your student blog posts now, so that is good - you might change your commenting settings so others can comment but…

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@mrrydstrom I love your “success criteria” elements for student blogs!

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@librarykittie We were just looking today! We are probably going to breed our golden retriever later this year and keep 1 of her puppies :-)

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Anyone had excellent results/experiences with an online tool or software program, converting a PDF document to MS Word or RTF?

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iReading: How to convert PDF to Word DOC for free: a comparison j.mp/1m3SA6A by @freewaregenius

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“If you are praised by others in the right way, this can lead you to praise yourself based on your genuine effort…j.mp/1m3NN5aFm

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“The future is already here - it’s just not very evenly distributed.” by William Gibson j.mp/1oY3E9A

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iReading: Apple WWDC 2014: What to Expect j.mp/1mGyh0S by @mashable

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@shwood I’d love to see an article comparing @Ustream @Livestream & @USedTV on multiple factors including latency - @teach42 what say you?

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@shwood Back in the early 2000s before Cisco bought them, the Codian IP VCR had amazingly small latency. It was a rack appliance tho

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shwood Does anyone know of any livestream service with fewer than 10 seconds of lag?

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@dogtrax Yes, several services that went dark were painful to lose: Posterous, Cinch & Gabcast are 3 I really miss. Posterous most of all

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USD305 Parent meetings at 9AM, 2 & 7PM about Chromebooks coming to high schools. South HS: July 15 & Central HS: July 17. ow.ly/xabeX

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I added the @listly list of of 35 eBooks by @janeinjava to the eBooks page of “Mapping Media” j.mp/1ohQdQl

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janeinjava WOW! “@bookcreatorapp: To celebrate 6 million amazing books, Book Creator for iPad is on sale for 1 week. From USD $4.99 to $2.99.

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iReading: Rising sea levels will be too much, too fast for Florida j.mp/1hozgoS by Harold Wanless via @thetomzone

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Just watched [VIDEO] Minecraft Xbox - Hot Air Balloon [199] by @stampylongnose j.mp/1hoxxA4

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“But there came an hour, a paternal hour, when I had to find out what was going on [in Minecraft].” j.mp/1kelNAe

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gr8 linked list of 35 amazing eBooks created by @janeinjava j.mp/U5rAxo @iPadMediaCamp

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iReading: Brains of Successful vs Unsuccessful People Actually Look Very Different j.mp/1tyTGeH by @thetomzone via @jackiegerstein

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“I simply registered [Minecraft] as another child-stealing innovation secreted into our world by enormous locusts…j.mp/1hMhFlAbW

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@JamieiReynolds I certainly would have missed any class for a Yellowstone field trip! :-) I left you some comments on your blog post

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8 min [VIDEO] @neiltyson ‘s great fear: Aliens have been to Earth & thought we were dumb j.mp/1hoAQqU

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bookcreatorapp Book Creator is now available in 11 languages, and it’s on sale for 4 more days! itunes.apple.com/app/id44237807…

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@dogtrax I want to update Playing with Media soon (mainly b/c of the references to Posterous) but am writing vol 2 of Mapping Media now

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iReading: The Game That Conquered the World j.mp/1tyQzUb by James Parker in @TheAtlantic via @jackiegerstein

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iReading: 2013 Okavango Expedition: Amazing Video Footage From Paradise (Part 3) j.mp/1ohukAP by @NatGeo

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@dogtrax @kagmoran if you’re interested in purchasing in bulk I can offer you some good discounts too :-) speedofcreativity.org/ebooks/discoun…

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@dogtrax @kagmoran “Playing with Media” is also available as a paperback :-) createspace.com/3675836

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“Tear away the chaotic, noisy modern world you surround yourself with, the phones, screens, (cont) tl.gd/n_1s1vsj1

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cwdexter @cbartow EdCampMT-West registration is open! Aug. 7 in East Helena. Could you please spread the word? eventbrite.com/e/edcampmt-wes…

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iReading: Yellowstone Book w/ creative book builder j.mp/1nEALln by @JamieiReynolds

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