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July 2nd, 2014

“Find your voice, shout it from the rooftops and keep doing it until the people that are looking for you find you.” -@danharmon

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EdCampBA new post: Order an EdCamp Broken Arrow Tshirt goo.gl/UZ9sIi

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Any other Mac users still using the old (v 1.0) version of Skitch having trouble with it suddenly not uploading to Flickr?

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In preparation for summer family travel, I’m copying our “ripped DVDs” to a SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive j.mp/1pKB13m

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iReading: Need a low-cost Google Cloud Print server? Try a $35 Raspberry Pi j.mp/1pYnD7v by @KevinCTofel @gigaom

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MT @SappingtonTony: @EdCampBA 8:00 for final GHO- shouldn’t take long. Thanks to all the edcamp Guru’s helping out!

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Astro_Flow We must ensure that girls are empowered and know what “Like A Girl” should mean. Must watch. More 🚀 youtube.com/watch?v=XjJQBj…

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NASA_EO Tropical Storm Arthur 1.usa.gov/1rZ9nwx pic.twitter.com/K4zDYdDMpH

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@Cultiv8Hope @benfelder_okg @okea @OklaBrett @dansden just via Twitter - looks like a good lunch bunch tho :-)

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I pledged & gave $100 to join @lessig & support the vital campaign finance reform work of @MayOneUS j.mp/1xiVXOZ You should too!

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slashdot Lawrence Lessig Answers Your Question About His Mayday PAC, Part 2 (Video) bit.ly/1iRLOWJ

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MayOneUS You’re entitled to anger & frustration with our political system — but you are not entitled to passivity.

Join us mayday.us

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@mguhlin you’ve got a free place to stay with us if you and any family members come up for @writesellwell in Oct in :-)

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iReading: 10 Significant Things You Likely Didn’t Know About Social Media But Should j.mp/TP2XV8 by @FastCompany

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ChuckSambuchino “You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they die? I’m like that. If I stop reading, I die.” ― Patrick Rothfuss

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iReading: Why One Of Google’s Wildest Designers Left For A Bank j.mp/1z7Px7c by @FastCoDesign

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Make plans now to attend the Feb 21-22, 2015 Google Summit at @bmchs1 in OKC! j.mp/1qlHTSJ

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iReading: Oklahoma Republican claims congressional opponent is dead, replaced w/ body double j.mp/1o1Twte by @kfor

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iPadMediaCamp Just 1 more spot left for iPad Media Camp Aug 4-6, 2014 in Roanoke, Alabama! ipadmediacamproanoke.eventbrite.com

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new post: Learn About e-Publishing at October 24-25, 2014 OKC Writing Conference j.mp/1z7HSFV @writesellwell

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RubyHornet@ParticleFever is a piece of work that defines a scientific generation.” is available on iTunes now! rubyhornet.com/review-particl…

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.@sfryer I just learned a bit about @okc_klife today via @WendyJordan - worth checking out for Sarah & Alex!

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@WendyJordan Here’s the link w/ info about the Feb 21-22, 2015 Google Summit in OKC! ok.gafesummit.com

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StanfordEd RT 5 things researchers have discovered re: MOOCs; clues on what can and cannot do stanford.io/1pI1v18

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iReading: Everythng We Know About Facebook’s Secret Mood Manipulation Experiment j.mp/1lz5bya by @yayitsrob via @zephoria @mguhlin

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StanfordEd . @edpolicyca delivers an update on the politics and policy of implementation in 7min video stanford.io/1veM0iB

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sciencegoddess I’ll be chatting w/physicist Monica Dunford from the movie @ParticleFever in about an hour! Join us, ask questions! plus.google.com/u/0/events/c46…

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StanfordEd MT @scope_stanford: How can school boards lead the way in securing quality, equitable education? New policy guide stanford.io/1iW2nQW

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.@sfryer @ptokc important perspective: “Poor children also bring less knowledge to (cont) tl.gd/n_1s2b7jk

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iReading: Move Over Books: Libraries Let Patrons Check Out The Internet j.mp/1iXslnl by @NPR via @StanfordEd

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iReading: The REAL international story of American education j.mp/1lyTkAe by @mcleod quoting Linda Darling-Hammond

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@chadkafka yes indeed - I love the sharing features of @pocketcasts especially! Best podcast listening app I’ve ever used :-)

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@hartmari oh - I thought you had an inside scoop & the promos would get better for the holiday weekend! Thx for providing more context :-)

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OKCPS New 3rd grade reading stats. After retests and conferences 81% of 3rd grade students promoted. Up from 63% pic.twitter.com/SgRW5UZtO6

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Alex is back in the USA after a month in Germany! instagram.com/p/p77XMWOgO5/

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