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July 4th, 2014

jonathanwylie Amazing! A Drone Shows You Fireworks Like You’ve Never Seen Them

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@jonathanwylie that is so amazing!!! Thanks for the share :-)

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MichaelHaEDU Motion Tennis for Apple TV free today! Turn your iDevice into a Wii like control

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Just watched movie @ParticleFever on AppleTV via iTunes w my 16 yr old who likes physics - about Higgs boson…

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MRevUniversity What questions do you have about trade? We’ll answer your questions in our next MRU videos. Submit ideas now!

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MRevUniversity What do we mean by the “hockey stick of human prosperity”? Check it out in this quick video:

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iReading: Segway Inventor Dean Kamen Thinks Stirling Engine Will Get You Off Grid For Under $10K via @ATabarrok

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grahamfarmelo Tsundoku - useful Japanese word for the practice of buying books and then not reading them:

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@tylercowen @ATabarrok Have you used @HaikuDeck for cited @creativecommons images in your narrated slideshows? I share it in @iPadMediaCamp

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@tylercowen I watched your “How to Use” @MRevUniversity videos. How long have you been doing this? It’s a very innovative project!

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book2read: Multimedia Learning by Richard E. Mayer via @MRevUniversity @MargRev @tylercowen

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@MargRev @tylercowen I just discovered your gr8 @MRevUniversity powered by @explainevrythng - SUPER work! Where can I read more background?

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iReading: Fracking Australia by @MargRev

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MindShiftKQED “Don’t trust people in suits who don’t game”: A Conversation With James Paul Gee @jordosh

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