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July 10th, 2014

new post: Transfer Video from an Android Phone to an iPad j.mp/1jvunLN @iPadMediaCamp

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I just downloaded the free “YouTube Creator Studio” app for iOS j.mp/1qpkbD9

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iReading: Google launches YouTube Creator Studio app for iOS j.mp/1qpjJok by @9to5mac @iPadMediaCamp

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iPadMediaCamp Check out the 11 iMovies teachers created this week on iPads in Manhattan, Kansas! goo.gl/kT9TVA

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Great job @sfryer creating your first enhanced eBook w @BookCreatorApp for iPad at @iPadMediaCamp this week! goo.gl/0eyjjf

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Apple is requiring removal of all references to Amazon.com before I can sell my 3rd eBook on iBookstore goo.gl/Ow2TTm

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Are you an educator on @Pinterest ? You should follow all the boards by @cyndidannerkuhn j.mp/1qoLQUJ

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EdTechTeacher21 How do you create multimedia eBooks and publish them? Learn from the master - @wfryer at ow.ly/yUz2Z

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iPadMediaCamp Learning about gr8/free “One Best Thing” iBook series via @cyndidannerkuhn by Apple Distinguished Educators pic.twitter.com/dSxKt6iqAf

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@LPralleKeehn definitely Hopscotch! I’ll be updating my free ebook on @gethopscotch later this month! goo.gl/i9jspJ

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ewanmcintosh Via @Johnmcintosh, I think this’ll go above 6700 views. Just a bit. AMAZING Disney medley: youtube.com/watch?v=QQ0CZB…

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@ewanmcintosh @Johnmcintosh fantastic voices, thanks so much for sharing that video!

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shannonmmiller How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM ow.ly/yZP7q

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@jonathanwylie my wife @sfryer was excited you tweeted me this morning, you’re one of her favorite people to follow on Twitter & @Flipboard

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@jonathanwylie yes, here is the 5 Photo Story page for Mapping Media goo.gl/IZwbFc

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[SLOW-MO VIDEO] Summer Swimming in Manhattan, Kansas j.mp/1jtmaIa

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