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July 12th, 2014

GroovyLabInABox Super Moon over our nation’s Capitol! natgeo’s photo i.instagram.com/p/qX75yuoVb9/

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NASA Twas the night before launch… launches from @NASA_Wallops tomorrow at 12:52p ET. TV coverage starts at noon. pic.twitter.com/xSBoMCVCVw

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GroovyLabInABox rocket launch from @NASA_Wallops to . Watch NASA TV online at nasa.gov/nasatv

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Mediabistro Average UK Author Salary Down 29% From 2005 mbist.ro/1srHiON (via @GalleyCat)

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rmbyrne 5 Ways for Students to Showcase Their Best Work

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Larryferlazzo Resources On The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/2014/07/12/res… via @Larryferlazzo

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@NiagaraFallsUSA we just saw that one, but we will be on the lookout for more! So glad to see you all using QR codes to provide more info!

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iReading: The precious fear of failure: How successful people can learn to value the fact they don’t know it all j.mp/1nr1os7

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American Falls at Niagara [VIDEO] instagram.com/p/qX9gJmugFl/

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Tourist Selfie at Niagara Falls instagram.com/p/qX84dAOgEd/

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QR codes in use at @NiagaraFallsUSA maidofthemist Gift Store instagram.com/p/qX8TYjugDj/

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@Inukshuk yes I wish we could - we didn’t realize kids under 16 could cross into Canada w/o a passport till we’d left ours in Oklahoma!

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Niagara Falls Selfie Time @ Niagara Falls State Park, USA instagram.com/p/qXjWF0OgFr/

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iPadMediaCamp We learned SO much!: youtu.be/AHaUWcsPmLE?a via @YouTube

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iReading: The world without WiFi [VIDEO] j.mp/1npDmO8 by @JulianWasHere via @DrSpikeCook @CurtRees

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iPadMediaCamp 3 Days of Learning: youtu.be/-RCq8SYZ-D0?a via @YouTube

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iReading: Charter School Networks & Shady Political Dealings: Camden, NJ Story j.mp/1y8HB4h by @JuliaSassRubin on @educationweek

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Lower Niagara River @ Lewiston (town), New York instagram.com/p/qXZeDeOgDB/

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We need 21st-century version Hanseatic League focused on Internet freedom j.mp/1m4OHht by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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iPadMediaCamp Endless Possibilities!: youtu.be/CVh08bEYgvU?a via @YouTube

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iReading: Brush up on classic literature with these immersive apps j.mp/1m4il6s by @TechHive via @mimg1225

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iPadMediaCamp MHS teachers attend iPad workshop: youtu.be/MBeaRpUy9c8?a via @YouTube

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kathyschrock Adobe Education @AdobeEdu is having a free virtual conference on 7/21 and 7/22. More info here: edu.adobeeventsonline.com/2014/VirtualCo…

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“VPN & TOR wouldn’t work in a worst-case scenario: walled garden alternative DNS environment” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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iPadMediaCamp Student Teacher: youtu.be/65pZbF2uEvM?a via @YouTube

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“some form of visa requirement will emerge on the Internet” (so countries can gatekeep) by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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@reneeaggie98 Looks like gr8 choices for food, music & company! :-)

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“Filtering is a euphemism for Internet censorship” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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iReading: This Common Home Appliance Can Compromise Your Entire Security j.mp/1npAktm by @schneierblog

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iPadMediaCamp Dad: youtu.be/lzs88zK6_zA?a via @YouTube

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fun Geo Challenge: Google Smarty Pins j.mp/1tAeCHz via @mistersill (“putting trivia on the map”)

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iPadMediaCamp thanks to @Allanahk we’ve added @get_flick to our workshop “required apps” page! ipadmediacamp.com/apps

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mistersill Bringing back to Victoria! Spread the word. Great lineup at a fantastic school! fplus.me/p/80Xj/537aee6b pic.twitter.com/JBRmzHT394

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iPadMediaCamp My quirky niece: youtu.be/nt6jBdaHvHs?a via @YouTube

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.@mistersill have you tried the free iOS app @get_flick yet? It transfers media betw iOS Android & desktop PCs! h/t @Allanahk

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iPadMediaCamp Several updates to our required App list, including the new YouTube Creator Studio app! ipadmediacamp.com/apps/

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techsavvygirl Vermont educators are eagerly awaiting making media with @wfryer on Monday at Create Make Learn Summer Institute

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@MrsBeck25 I’ll give up one of my breakout presentation slots for @Kenya75 if she wants to come :-) @sfryer

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I added FREE & simple WordPress plugin Captcha (uses simple math problems) to my Playing with Media WordPress site j.mp/1y8p5ce

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post updated: Transfer Video from an Android Phone to an iPad j.mp/1nhRUul h/t @Allanahk for sharing the FREE app @get_flick

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New family learning blog post: Hash tagging a Family Vacation j.mp/1npehTp cc @mrhooker

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“empowerment 4 people comes from what they have access to” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen (critical lesson 4educators & parents)

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Worried about “the number ofThe beast?” Meet: Unique Identification Authority of India j.mp/1jBEU8p via @JaredCohen

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@JennLiv I will follow up on that study and see what I can find, and try to let you know…

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“The prospect of improved biometric identification makes dictators salivate” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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.@JennLiv yes, that is an excellent question. A sign of our “Technopoly” landscape that many read & accept #’s like that w/out asking more

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“facial & voice recognition will soon surpass other forms of biometric identification 4 accuracy” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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Breakfast dreams really do come true! @ Tommy’s Diner instagram.com/p/qWgY10ugMe/

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“Nearly half of all [Teacher Ed] programs (47%) fail to ensure that teacher candidates are capable STEM instructors” j.mp/1qtR01I

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Breakfast Time h/t bob05 @ Tommy’s Diner instagram.com/p/qWbqwqOgHG/

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iReading: YouTube Tests New Buttons j.mp/1nhivYE by @googleos

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@ChrisWSimon I just wish there was a clean / classroom-friendly version…

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iReading: Odyssey.js - A New Way to Create Mapped Stories j.mp/TYrW8e by @rmbyrne

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