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July 21st, 2014

@j0hnburns thanks for that reminder - for some reason that site & bookmarklet had stopped working for me, but I added it again & presto! :-)

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keepvid.com “only works w Java 6 Update 45 or lower” - anyone have another gr8 site for TEMPORARILY downloading YouTube videos?

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.@taf1958 see this @snopes article from 2008: Holocaust Teaching Ban j.mp/1qZM5Gb (RE alleged email from General Eisenhower)

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iReading: Apple denies installing iOS ‘backdoor’ services 4government agencies j.mp/1kNOLCV by @appleinsider @mguhlin

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iReading: New Apple ad shows off sticker-clad MacBook Airs, calls it ‘the notebook people love’ j.mp/WtYYyS by @appleinsider

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CLykowski Use Pear Deck peardeck.com for your Google Classrooms

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@TParks if you can audio record your session on @MinecraftEdu at please do! I wish @sfryer & I could attend this year :-(

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.@TParks here are the super Intro to Minecraft resources shared by @kjarrett last week at j.mp/1qGPQjJ

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I added image attribution info & links 2 the video Movie Trailer youtube.com/watch?v=VAZ5zt… (see YouTube video description)

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.@MrsHime some of the sentence stems are not kid appropriate, however, so you can turn on a PG filter in the app

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.@MrsHime I use iMovie for iPad too, but this app lets you use the voice of Jonathan Cook, which is very cool! goo.gl/4XESIU

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techsavvygirl Wondering what @wfryer & @sfryer learned @createmake14 in VT? Check out Wes’s podcast goo.gl/LhLqX4 @VTEducation

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@crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT @mistersill do you all have a Twitter hashtag for the Geo Institute?

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@crewsertech @DeanPhillipsMT @mistersill oh I am quite jealous! You guys are going to have a blast! Please tweet the good stuff :-)

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crewsertech ln.is/ow.ly/i/F8mHg Gearing up for the Google Geo Teachers Institute at Googleplex. Lots of fun with @DeanPhillipsMT @mistersill

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GingerLewman This is gonna be FUN this week! 3 days of immersion! Hope the new recruits are ready! pic.twitter.com/IRqexxhC9V

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.@MrsHime it’s a fun movie trailer app, you choose from 400 sentence stems & add 5 photos goo.gl/4XESIU

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@TParks @dougeb00 @dankrutka @tbbrwn ok, I will get the website up! I’ll be mobile / on the road but should be able to join

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k12online We r so happy to have @klthomas79 as a part of the organizer team. If u want to volunteer to help out, DM us!

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I used the $2 iPad app “InAworld…Drama” to create14 Movie Trailej.mp/1kNcKSVxed h/@bobspranklelrn

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DianeRavitch Rocketship Charter Chain Withdraws Application to Open 16 Schools in Texas wp.me/p2odLa-8ib

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lisahervey Are you GHOing? Google Hangouts 101 | ow.ly/zpz5X Learn while you drive! Thanks @wfryer

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: Confront & Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars & Surprising Use of American Power by @SangerNYT amazon.com/dp/B006LTIS7G/…

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“Tech companies export their values along w their products, so who creates infrastructure is key” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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“State owned firms make up 80% of China’s stock market” by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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iReading: (June 2012) Confirmed: US and Israel created Stuxnet, lost control of it j.mp/1mwLSWI by @arstechnica via

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Stuxnet computer worm “crossed the Rubicon” as state-sponsored cyberwarfare causing physical harm by @ericschmidt @JaredCohen

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iReading: Reflections on Smarter Than You Think j.mp/WriBHU by @weltyteaching via @amyburvall

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iReading: How To Cite Social Media In Scholarly Writing j.mp/1qXBn2U by @TeachThought via @gcouros

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kfasimpaur We now have a hashtag + a gdoc!

@wiobyrne @jgmac1106 @SteinatDavis @anna_phd @dogtrax

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MichelleTorrise @wfryer really changed my perspective on collaboration with his article on changing vocabulary as coaches! goo.gl/JPZzjA.

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.@MichelleTorrise I’m so glad you’ve found that “changing vocabulary” article & idea helpful!

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@Ladywolf2014 there are so many opportunities to learn via Twitter - so gr8 you are encouraged by@vperezy @kburd74 too :-)

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LuPodmore Any ideas @wfryer?Trying to locate teacher/peer observation form for using tech in classroom. Saw a FAB one recently but have now lost it.

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@mwesch We had a super tour & a great visit with an advisor. Really amazing program & culture - Thanks for the recc! @WoosterEdu :-)

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Beautiful day to tour woosteredu h/t @mwesch :-) @ College of Wooster instagram.com/p/qt1ELSugOy/

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: Colleges That Change Lives: 40 Schools That Will Change the Way You Think About Colleges by Loren Pope amazon.com/dp/0143122304/…

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new podcast with @sfryer: Reflections on Create, Make & Learn 2014 j.mp/1yPLifw

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@Ladywolf2014 exciting to hear you are going Google this year! You attending Feb 21-22 in OKC? ok.gafesummit.com

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johnmillerEDU Follow Minecraft Teachers! @thecommonpeople

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iReading: iMake iLearn – DENovator Fairj.mp/WpRFIv8T b@huttnerkrErn

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