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July 31st, 2014

kennethdward Great article about the influence of the Chat journalrecord.com/2014/07/30/pro…

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@TeacherCast thanks :-) that was a lot of fun!

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new podcast: Jennie Magiera’s Inspirational Keynote From EdTechTeacher Summit July 2014 j.mp/1oTkcRn

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These are the $5 gel iPad cases I ordered last year for my @iesSTEM classroom @bretford cart iPads goo.gl/OY5BVD h/t @MsMagiera

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.@edtechist If you’re interested in bringing a speaker to your conference who advocates “mapping media” let me know! wfryer.me/map

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.@105theHive yes LIVE definitely has benefits when you look at post-production. Asynchronous podcasts can have a BIG reach tho…

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.@OriginalMisterC that is fantastic! @k12online is a wonderful place to share your musical creativity - I can’t wait! :-)

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@TParks can you please tweet this new post on the @EdCampSEOK channel? :-) goo.gl/5Xgy0t cc @dougeb00

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iReading: Hoboken School District: We’re not tossing laptops, but moving to “rolling laptop carts” j.mp/1oapbg4 by @arstechnica

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.@ZacCoffman services & apps like @spreaker & @audioboo are super for reducing the number of steps required to create & publish a radio show

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.@ZacCoffman I marvel at how many steps creating a podcast still takes. It’s made me like “quick publish” radio shows goo.gl/Dn2GnO

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@JonFines that advice goes for teachers too :-)

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.@ZacCoffman that makes you officially a “podfader” :-) h/t @dschmit

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@ZacCoffman do you publish your own podcast?

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.@ZacCoffman I really love @pocketcasts - I’ve tried a bunch of different podcatchers for my iPhone “thru the years” and it’s my fav!

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.@ZacCoffman check out @pocketcasts - I don’t think it supports sync but you can export from iOS and import into android I think

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lmuller90 “The next challenge for this network of advocates is to bring about a positive agenda for Oklahoma education” journalrecord.com/2014/07/30/pro…

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@DePaulU I deleted that original tweet, & will contact the tour guide (from another college) who shared that inaccurate information!

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@DePaulU Thanks for fact checking this, we were told as a conservatory - students weren’t allowed to perform in the community!

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I got The Grandfather! Which “The Princess Bride” Character Are You? buzzfeed.com/jennaguillaume… via @JennaGuillaume

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dgackey @wfryer @ColumbiaChi sage advice for any kid today. We are all now. Only some of us realize it.

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@April2383 @vperezy @ChrisParadise @HaselwoodMath what is best for the school/host is key… April you just tell us which one is best!

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@April2383 @vperezy @ChrisParadise @HaselwoodMath 1 survey responder couldn’t come the 4th, all could come the 11th.

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@April2383 @vperezy @ChrisParadise @HaselwoodMath we can certainly do 10/4 not 10/11 if that is best.

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@steelemaley thank you for sharing taking the time for the podcast, I’m excited to learn more about @fulcrumapp :-)

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meg_allison eBook publishing to YouTube: “Wes Fryer Visits Vermont” @wfryer @BookCreatorApp @LMcSweeney802 @techsavvygirl youtu.be/aHZ5hjWeZL0

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We buy collegiate wear for our kids so they can project an identity to the world that reflects back pic.twitter.com/hpnKl1HrXn

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Don’t just get a job, “create your career” @ColumbiaChi pic.twitter.com/6THq2rfqEL

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.@gailrm10 gr8! @austinkleon has a lot to teach us as educators abt sharing & creating digital portfolios of our students work

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Hey - interested in digital creativity? Come to @ConfluenceCon on Sat Sept 6th in OKC! goo.gl/SM2dl0

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ConfluenceCon Do you follow 3+ speakers on Twitter? Then we want to give you $5 off your ticket! Check the list - confluenceconference.org/list/

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Big difference: as conservatory program @DePaulU prohibits students from performing in the community, @ColumbiaChi not LiveWhatYouLove

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Showcasing photography of @ColumbiaChi students on the streets of Chicago pic.twitter.com/6o9tlCKp10

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Don’t jump on the train tracks if you drop your phone instagram.com/p/rH1RWrOgHE/

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I love the furniture here in the admissions area! @ColumbiaChi @ Columbia College..instagram.com/p/rHwxGcOgPm/B7

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I love the concluding question of the @ColumbiaChi admissions intro video: “What will you make?!”

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There are 3300 accredited schools in the U.S. & about 300 are like us @ColumbiaChi (been around since 1890, all women’s!)

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There are 60,000 college students in the South Loop of Chicago! @ColumbiaChi

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Ask: “What skills do I want to use to earn my money” not “What major do I want to declare?” by Gemini @ColumbiaChi

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“Come here to be a working professional” @ColumbiaChi

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There are over 200 theaters in Chicago! @ColumbiaChi

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Amen! “We don’t have a career center, we have a portfolio center” by Gemini at @ColumbiaChi

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Biggest money maker in this country? Pop Culture! @ColumbiaChi @ Columbia College..instagram.com/p/rHuUR0ugL9/yr

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Good use of white walls as screens & multiple digital projectors @ColumbiaChi @ Columbia College Chicago instagram.com/p/rHtWsuugKb/

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@kmcevoy50 You are most welcome - thanks for sharing that link :-)

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Taxi security camera: “All occupants will be photographed” instagram.com/p/rHo0kcugDh/

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.@Kenya75 we used Goodreader to transfer the audio file via wifi from iPhone to laptop goo.gl/80yVP5 h/t @joedale :-)

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.@April2383 @vperezy @ChrisParadise @HaselwoodMath let me know if this looks good / edits are needed… thanks!

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“It is not abt leaving a better world 2 our children… But leaving better humans beings 2the world” j.mp/1rT2qjF by @CathDigLearn

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iReading: Fallin, Hofmeister signal new cooperation j.mp/1zz3Voe by @tulsaworld via @StopCCOK

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@StopCCOK no I hadn’t seen that - thanks for the link. Politics… It was very surprising to see Fallin about face on CCSS too…

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.@mimasaunders thanks for the shout out - keep up the gr8 work with your Ss on digital portfolios! Here’s more: goo.gl/2YAA5P

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mimasaunders Digital Portfolios; blogging, blogging, blogging tinyurl.com/k5j7zdo @wfryer @EdChat @EdTech @CathDigLearn

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iReading: Music industry sues automakers over in-car audio ripping systems j.mp/1nVn94P by @arstechnica

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iReading: Amazon tries to argue for its Hachette stonewall w/ math j.mp/1od0kUl by @arstechnica (authors make more on $10 eBooks)

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