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August 6th, 2014

@Phillip_Cowell yes indeed - I’m guilty as charged for that tonight, and frequently our entire family is too. We have issues to work out!

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I updated my about-me / digital footprint background photo (no more 2009 stage pic!)

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new post: Free Play and Our Overscheduled Lives

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Listening to convo w former Congressman @jmhoeffel about new book “The Iraq Lie: How the White House Sold the War”

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I started a new @Pinterest board: Why Play Is Important

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iReading: Security expert calls home routers a clear and present danger by @arstechnica

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iReading: Thousands of Twitch videos silenced, as streaming site mutes copyrighted audio by @arstechnica

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.@pocketcasts you rock - thanks! Did you just Google for that or did you use another trick?! @_levi_ @OKMathTeachers

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jenniferward I loved hearing @MsMagiera speak at in Chicago last week. Now you can hear it too thanks to @wfryer!…

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CasadySTEM A video I emailed to our @IESYukon teachers: An Invitation to 2014-15 IES Teachers for Classroom Blog Help

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I’m so bummed this is not open to 4th & 5th graders: Verizon Innovative App Challenge by @_levi_ on @OKMathTeachers

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.@_levi_ what is the RSS feed for the @OKMathTeachers podcast? I’d like to subscribe outside of iTunes with @pocketcasts :-)

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.@_levi_ I would love to contribute, I think all the work you’re doing networking math teachers in is fantastic! I want to help :-)

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_levi_ Imagine: A state full of teachers blogging with the intent to share, reflect, & grow together!

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.@_levi_ what a compelling and wonderful vision that is!!!

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.@sfryer remembering childhood play activities can be gr8 for folks w Alzheimer’s on @whyyradiotimes

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dkhendon Creating our ebooks! Day 3 Camp Roanoke City Schools @cmarcum4 @tbice @wfryer @Lindsey_Green82 @lrobin88

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.@dkhendon @cmarcum4 @gfoster71 @lrobin88 and I love the chance to learn with you all this week at @iPadMediaCamp :-)

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dkhendon Roanoke City Schools Camp ❀️ Dr Wesley Fryer! Go Handley Tigers! @cmarcum4 @wfryer @gfoster71 @lrobin88

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“Way down yonder on the Chattahoochee…” @yourealfake

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“Toto, we’re not in Vermont any more”

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New family learning blog post by Rachel: Make a Wish Living Tombstone Remix (My Little Ponies video)

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iReading: Your Five Year Old Can Learn To Code With An iPad App in @Forbes via @scratchteam @mres

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Speckled Butterbeans to go…

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FrugalRules Don’t Burn Your Bridges When You Leave Your Job Via @MyPFJourney

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sjunkins “If you’re afraid of change, change will not occur.” - Travis Allen, @iSchoolAdvocate

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HollandHallHOS Make much? Check out Holland Hall’s Coach Bergenroth’s blog entry on his first maker project. Very cool!…

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TedXshc Know any teens with a story to tell or a message to get out? Ask them if they’re free January 17th! Come tell your tale at TEDx Youth at SHC

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Young Lungs Need Clean Air @ Handley Middle School (Official Site)

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iReading: Report Claims 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 Will Feature 2,100 mAh Battery by @MacRumors

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iPadMediaCamp Day 3 of camp in Roanoke, Alabama! Time 4 interactive writing with @KidblogDotOrg & e-book creation w @BookCreatorApp

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Revisiting a fantastic blog post from 2013 by @dreambition: Crowdsource a Community Blog…

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iReading: Sunlight-Concentrating Device Could Halve Solar Power Cost by @mashable

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iReading: iRig Mic HD now shipping for iOS, Mac and PC by @TechnologyTell (about &130 vs original iRig mic for $60)

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