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August 11th, 2014

teachers apply! Math & Science Partnership (MSP) Mini Grant by @oksde CC @STEMseeds

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iReading: Five Best To-Do List Managers by @lifehacker

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@jmarkcoleman that would be fantastic, Sarah is sharing it for an audition this week & we are curious if she is getting it right…

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Anyone know how to translate this from Hungarian? Huyank Monolog from Chicago by Sarah Fryer on SoundCloud

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iReading: Some Myths About Student Choice and Voice by @pernilleripp

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@markrounds5 sounds good, I will send you a direct message

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mrgarymyers Great 5 photo stories created at today! Thanks for the idea @wfryer and the resources @MsPierceFSU

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@mrgarymyers so glad to hear it, thanks for the shout out!

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@ChrisWSimon interesting, so you think it will be better than passwords?

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A parent of 1 of my @iesSTEM @IESYukon 4th graders from last year said her son had played Scratch all summer long! cc @ScratchEdTeam

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@ChrisWSimon remember Mason from scratch club @IESYukon ? Just saw him in Subway, he’s going into 7th grade now, told me about Scratch Jr!

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@markrounds5 that is fantastic, I have heard a bit about your school. I think some @ptokc staff visited last year

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IESYukon Names & emails for our 2014-15 faculty & staff have been updated on our website

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markrounds5 Learn to Program: Blockly Games from Google Research Labs

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@markrounds5 Yes - I’d like to as well! My wife @sfryer teaches at @ptokc in Oklahoma City & wants to create a Maker Space this year too

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watching at @IESYukon this morning in our faculty meeting: Rita Pierson - Every kid needs a champion

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.@tbbrwn yes indeed, I love how Geo-Maps can lend themselves to complex idea analysis & discussion!

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@Dr_ShawnBlack You’re just 4 hours away from us then!!! That is awesome. @sfryer ‘s sister lives in Allen. We need to plan a fall meet up!

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1st day back at school for me @iesDistrict - Rachel’s 2nd week back @OKCPS

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@Dr_ShawnBlack I would LOVE that. I saw Brad in Memphis a couple of years ago - we should all go see him & eat his BBQ. He’s a master chef!

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YouTube video my 14 year old is starting the day with: Running Late For School ⎜Quick Hair fixes, Makeup, & Outfit Ideas! by @BethanyMota

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iReading: Mapping the spread of drought, nationally by @flowingdata

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app to share your apps: App Share via @ @mguhlin

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@Dr_ShawnBlack Hey buddy - nice to see you on Twitter :-)

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