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August 20th, 2014

cshirky “We spent a decade learning how to become academics, only to realize we’ve trained for positions that don’t exist.”

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iReading: Camille Struck 45 Years Ago Tonight by @wildweatherdan

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daisyray215 A2 just started a school youtube channel. Been uploading T tutorials & parent directions for first day. Will have flipped lessons

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@daisyray215 way to go! What is link to your YouTube channel?

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@meg_allison you are very kind but you vastly overstate our skills :-) @kjarrett

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iReading: Last Call: The End of the Printed Paper by @cshirky via @MargRev

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iReading: Creative cat tracking in Google Earth

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iReading: KGI Securities: Apple iWatch delayed until 2015 by @appletell

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.@shirky17 what kind of material do you suggest, is it something we could get at Lowes or Home Depot?

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.@corymiller303 @jed paint is really not an option where we need to mount the whiteboards, we need actual boards

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.@corymiller303 @jed do you all have recommendations for inexpensive but good whiteboards teachers could use in the classroom?

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CasadySTEM Impressive 1st blog post ever for 4th grader Antonius in Mrs. Thorbrue’s class!

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Good time to use a URL shortener along with a QR Code

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iReading: ‘Ignore No More’ app makes sure your kids can’t dodge your calls by @engadget (not sure parents need this)

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iReading: In Wake of James Foley Beheading Video, Journalists Rush to Self-Censor by @mashable

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iReading: Navy drone plays well with manned aircraft, caps it with a carrier landing by @engadget cc @TParks

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CasadySTEM We’re starting “interactive writing” w @KidblogDotOrg class websites today! All 12 fall classes are linked on

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iReading: Google Glass App Connects Patients With Specialists Quickly by @mashable

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Rachel’s morning starts with Ponies

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dkhendon Roanoke City Schools Skittles Lab
Answering age old question-where are all reds? @cmarcum4 @tbice @wfryer @lrobin88

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iReading: Why You Should Parent Like a Video Game by @artofmanliness cc @EdGamer

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