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August 22nd, 2014

“Oklahoma has not increased the salary scale for teachers since 2006” by @okeducation…

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PHartfiel Help Wanted: 800 Teachers via @okeducation

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iReading: Neu announces bold plans for OKC schools by @benfelder_okg

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.@eric_sizemore switch to Gmail & turn on two factor authentication, best email security move you can make

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MT @benfelder_okg: PODCAST: Episode No. 3 of Capital City is up, this week we talk urban education in OKC,…

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kasnelson Interested in the vision of ? Sign up 4 updates to For the People, brought to you by @CCOSA & @oss BAoklahoma…

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IESYukon Ice Bucket Challenge: Mrs McKee and Mrs Bradley… @YukonDistrict

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IESYukon Ice Bucket Challenge: Mrs. Stephenson, McCarthey, Brazell, Parker, and Morris… @YukonDistrict

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langwitches Why would your school want to build an online Professional Development Hub? My thoughts… What would you

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iReading: With this new $10 antenna, you have no excuse not to try over-the-air TV by @jank0 @gigaom

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iReading: Microsoft is building its very own Chromecast competitor by @jank0 @gigaom

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@metfan62 come teach with us in then - our legislature & governor rejected Common Core…

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“The only thing harder than starting something new is stopping something old” via @chubbyhotubbi1

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My week on twitter: 63 Mentions, 247K Mention Reach, 49 Replies, 101 Retweets, 82.4K Retweet Reach. via

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.@courosa @shareski @gcouros I think principal @chubbyhotubbi1 should win some kind of admin award for his twitter ID & profile description

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@TParks wow, what a spectacular sunrise this morning. Hope you’re having a great Friday!

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.@TParks have you used this awesome @MinecraftEdu world for collaborative building? via @kjarrett

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Apply for the @CoxOklahoma Cox Connects Impact Grant! Due Oct 1 @CoxComm

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.@kjarrett Do you have a link or name of that cool @MinecraftEdu world you used at where everyone had a separate area to build in?

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iReading:The Internet’s Original Sin (advertising & user tracking) by @EthanZ in @TheAtlantic

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iReading: Robin Williams, An Avid Gamer, To Be Remembered In World Of Warcraft by @NPR cc @EdGamer

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CasadySTEM We are using the @MinecraftEdu Controls Quickstart Guide (PDF) in today’s lesson

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iReading: Do Not Fear This Giant Robot Swarm by @NPR

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CasadySTEM Excited for our first @MinecraftEdu lesson of the year today @IESYukon

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vvrotny @lcarroll94 School just transformed 16 general classrooms with desks, chairs, and tables

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iReading: Pixar Animation yanks director Bob Peterson off ‘The Good Dinosaur’ by @ThatRebecca in @latimes (Aug 2013)

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