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September 3rd, 2014

new post: 1st Day of STEM Makers Studio: Success! j.mp/1lB1U8c

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learning about “Ice-albedo feedback” j.mp/1rsGhYf via on Amazing Planet - Ocean Realm j.mp/1rsGfiW by @NatGeo

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learning about “mega-thrust earthquakes” j.mp/1qpOmMW on Amazing Planet - Born of Fire j.mp/1qpOoVb by @NatGeo

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.@LizWillobee thanks so much! :-) I’m working on my PO / purchase list for circuit projects at @iesSTEM cc @techsavvygirl

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I finished updating my @iesSTEM lesson / curriculum calendar through December 2014 stem.wesfryer.com/home/calendar

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.@techsavvygirl Do you have an Amazon part order list 4 LED lights / button batteries & the “jitterbug” DC motor / battery combos?

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What text-to-speech Google tools do you like & recommend for students? @jahillteach wants to know

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.@jahillteach @HaselwoodMath @TParks @ChrisParadise @vperezy Depending on the app, you can highlight text and choose “speak” on iOS devices

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.@TParks @jahillteach @HaselwoodMath @ChrisParadise @vperezy I’ve steered clear of that because of poor accessibility issues

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Wink: One app to control & monitor
all your connected devices j.mp/1qdhNSI via @KevinCTofel @gigaom

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SappingtonTony Choose Your Own Adventure: BAPS Professional Development: youtu.be/UUpH6MKldK4 via @YouTube

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MiamiDevice Sessions by @wfryer for Miami Device have been posted! Have a l@@k: miamidevice2014.sched.org/speaker/wfryer |

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murrayhodgson @wfryer Canadian spends 52nd day in Jakarta jail. He is innocent.

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jahillteach @HaselwoodMath @wfryer @TParks @ChrisParadise @vperezy help! Need an app/Google resource for read aloud IEP tests. T scan test, app reads

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@narrable Awesome, thanks for the heads up, I’ll check it out!

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Support mission work in memory of Mrs Dillard’s husband by playing in Sept 27 Jay Dillard Golf Tourney thebridgeag.org/archives/4323

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Devastating family tragedy story of our @IESYukon teacher Mrs Dillard’s family in 2007 thebridgeag.org/archives/4323 pic.twitter.com/r68VilOvMC

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Thanks for the RTs this week! @chrisjohnston via sumall.com/thankyou

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kdhuck Caine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement Oct. 6 = Global Play Day so get out there & create youtu.be/Ul9c-4dX4Hk

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@dsmacdonald @jenniferlagarde @techsavvygirl That is wonderful, thanks so much for sharing the feedback! :-)

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.@kfepaxson Cisco’s Meraki mobile manager has a free solution you can check out tho meraki.cisco.com/solutions/mobi…

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.@kfepaxson did you get an answer? If you use a Mobile Manager w your iOS devices you can remove default apps like Messages from devices

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: The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession by @DanaGoldstein amazon.com/dp/038553695X/…

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iReading: A Lesson In How Teachers Became ‘Resented And Idealized’ j.mp/1qnVdqi by @NPR

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.@dsmacdonald @jenniferlagarde in Vermont last July was a gr8 week of learning together! :-) h/t @techsavvygirl

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