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September 8th, 2014

karen_brennan Excited to see the launch of HGSE’s Usable Knowledge! Check it out at and @UKnowHGSE

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dreambition Conversations + Student Voice (+amazing learning spaces)= Who will lead the conversations this year?

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dreambition Excited to dive into this… thanks @AWhite100 cc @runfardvs

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“As of 2011 1 in 34 adults (> 7 million) is under some form of correctional supervision: prison, parole or probation”

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jeffherb Revolutionary Ways to Learn Outside the Classroom

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@KristinZiemke hey enjoy Portsmouth! You should say hi to @bobsprankle while you are there! :-)

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ChildrenNature Enjoy these absolutely breathtaking photos of kids all around the world having fun .

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new post: Sample Popsicle Catapult for STEM Class

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iReading: The Device Conundrum - 1:1 vs BYOD by @E_Sheninger

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My popsicle stick catapult attempt for @iesSTEM @ Independence

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CasadySTEM Do you notice anything strange about this Rube Goldberg project?… @IESYukon

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BookCreatorApp @wfryer Adobe Digital Editions is out today as a free download with support for ePub 3 books -… Good for PC reading

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callum1975 I thought twitter was a massive waste of time. Then I found some ed leaders and followed who they followed. Now I’m hooked!

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@neilringrose that is super - so glad to know it :-) gr8 learning & PD opportunities here on Twitter to be sure :-)

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iReading: How to enable Apple’s secure two-step verification for your iCloud & iTunes accounts by @appleinsider

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