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September 9th, 2014

Just finished watching the 1st hour & 15 minutes of Apple’s event today about iPhone 6, Apple Pay & Apple watch. Wow! j.mp/1p5k2lK

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@bcrosby Super - thanks! I owe a huge part of my lesson innovation to you, my generous sharing Nevada friend :-)

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Astro_Ron Well worth 1 of your time Do you think seeing this every day could change your perspective bit.ly/Yuyq1T Great work @Astro_Alex

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shareski I have a friend who wants a basic app built for her dance studio. Any person or place I should look to?

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timstahmer Microsoft to buy Minecraft developer Mojang for $2 billion arstechnica.com/gaming/2014/09… Wonder what they’ll do with MinecraftEdu.

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bcrosby Plans are coming together. 100 card challenge. Make a 61cm high platform to support stuffed animal. pic.twitter.com/23RW8FGeCa

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bcrosby Card towers heading toward their required 2 feet. But will they support “the walrus”? pic.twitter.com/JNX04sqiYo

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@bcrosby love it! You have a lesson link?!

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.@gcouros An innovative school is willing to change the traditional schedule, thinking out-of-the-box about both student & teacher learning

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gcouros What would you consider to be an innovative school? Why?

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@jfd631 that quote was from an after-school PD preso at @IESYukon by 1 of our Resource teachers :-) I’ll pass along your compliment!

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@dkhendon resources If you have them, it looks like a lesson I’d like to try in @iesSTEM :-)

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One of the most amazing moon rises I’ve seen in a long time is happening right now on the eastern horizon in central Oklahoma!

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iReading: Apple takes NFC mainstream on iPhone 6; Apple Watch with Apple Pay j.mp/1rDobik by @CNET

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iReading: Not-quite-hands-on with the Apple Watch, and the questions it doesn’t answer j.mp/1tIQpOL by @arstechnica

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@dkhendon that looks like a great lesson! Do you have a link to more information about it? :-)

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iReading: Apple Posts Full-Length iPhone 6 and Apple Watch Media Event Video j.mp/1lUp5L3 by @MacRumors

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iReading: 5 dangerous apps you don’t know your kids are using j.mp/1lUgZSO by @kimkomando via @KansasNana (or maybe you do know!)

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iReading: Apple Announces 4.7-Inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Plus, Launching September 19 j.mp/1uHF4eW by @MacRumors

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I shared awesome @liveclass20 archived webinars on @DonorsChoose w @IESYukon staff via email j.mp/1wcFzBq

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“accommodations DO NOT change the expectations or the curriculum” [for student learning]

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.@vvrotny @kjarrett @techsavvygirl I’m writing a grant for new furniture for my classroom - what suggestions do you have?!

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“accommodation simply means ‘ease of access’ - modifications change curriculum, delivery, & expectations”

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Critical Words Your Students Must Know for the (& standardized testing in general) j.mp/1opu2a1

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good book for teaching Spanish ELL students: Second Language Acquisition & Language Pedagogy by Rod Ellis j.mp/1lU5zOU

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I cancelled my trial subscription to Google Play Music “All Access” j.mp/1rVfd6h (still using it to play my own cloud-based tunes)

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techsavvygirl @wfryer Some good prices for Hobby Motors kelvin.com/mm5/merchant.m… and

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@Chromville I followed you - send me a DM & let me know what you have in mind :-)

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IESYukon Check out our character traits & self-portraits! (Mrs Thornbrue’s 4th graders) @YukonDistrict pic.twitter.com/THKVKNnDOl

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“While normative conformity is not a matter of life & death for most of us, we are still hardwired for it” via @GregoryMcKeown

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discounted volume purchasing discount info for iPad apps from Apple is available on j.mp/1tHp6EC cc @sfryer @ptokc

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“Courage is grace under pressure” by Ernest Hemingway via @GregoryMcKeown

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“Do not open papers to read” @ Walgreens instagram.com/p/suYQj0ugEb/

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courosa I’m really enjoying comments/feedback I’m getting at class.stanford.edu/courses/Educat… Not too late to join this course on open knowledge.

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ChristelleDubo3 Neuroscientist John Coates: Fed, by being transparent, acting predictably, is encouraging risk, inflating bubbles: bit.ly/1pTHB7M

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: The Hour Between Dog and Wolf - How Risk Taking Transforms Us, Body & Mind by John Coates j.mp/1xCK0ap

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Blankenship_S I like these 5 strategies to help students take ownership of their learning thecornerstoneforteachers.com/2014/07/5-ways…

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