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September 11th, 2014

alfiekohn Much in Sept Ed Ldrshp about helping kids engage w/homework. Nada on questioning why we’re making them work a 2nd shift at home

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DeanPhillipsMT via Edudemic So Long And Thanks For All The Fun: To the awesome Edudemic community, A little over four years a… shrd.by/ZbJrHf

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[VIDEO] The Rosetta Mission Asks: What Can We Learn from Comets? by @NASAJPL youtu.be/KKcvzgUaSxo

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MarsCuriosity I’m all about that base. Reached the base layer of Mt Sharp. New science ahead! youtu.be/7szg3JrNT-4 pic.twitter.com/lQ7gbXxBPU

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“Mars Exploration Rover is 1 element of NASA’s preparation for a human mission to the Red Planet in the 2030s.” j.mp/1uyn8En

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iReading: Yahoo will publish documents from secret spy court PRISM case, says US threatened $250K fines j.mp/1uymExY by @gigaom

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eyesrightblog I suggested making a short podcast today at our committee meeting about the recent Synod gathering, that idea went over like a lead balloon

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I was reminded at a meeting tonight how high the fear factor can be with many adults when it comes to recording & sharing audio online :-(

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.@jwalkup since this is so contentious, I’m sure those advocating VAM would cite + district examples if they existed cc @mcleod

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@jwalkup Do you have another link on that topic you’d recommend with better sources/supported claims? cc @mcleod

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iReading: Lack of evidence supporting the use of student test scores to rank teachers is staggering j.mp/1pUiICg by@Mcleod

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iReading: Tissue Paper Hot Air Balloon Construction and Launching j.mp/YB7cqo by @bcrosby cc @AmyLoeffelholz

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@vperezy No worries - we have been on the go the last 2 weekends so we are actually looking forward to staying home! I know you’ll have fun!

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iesSTEM Students at @IESYukon excited to launch their catapults today! pic.twitter.com/smQnfL6OJP

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iReading: Gridiron Tech Tags Players, Delving Deeper Into The Game’s Data j.mp/1pb6t49 by @KAWC @NPR (interesting privacy issues)

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iReading: In E-Book Price War, Amazon’s Long-Term Strategy Requires Short-Term Risks j.mp/1wiqm1Y by @NPR

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[Google Hangout VIDEO] Apple Watch and iPhone 6: Taking Stock the Day After j.mp/1wi71xP by @mashable (1 hour long)

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maccast Just posted my post Apple 9.9.2014 Maccast, macc.at/mc140910. Enjoy!

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SteveSpangler Teachers - What is your ? Share & you can win $600 in teacher training & supplies spanglersci.com/TeacherProject

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@AmyLoeffelholz @vperezy I didn’t see anything about @SteveSpangler visiting the @sciencemuseumok online, is it a private event?

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marshallreport What is impact of Civil Rights Act 40 years later? @MedillSchool students find out the1964project.com

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.@tracyrosen that sounds exciting! I definitely recommend starting students with the website & resources as you intro

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.@vperezy oh wow - what fun! I didn’t know @SteveSpangler was coming to @sciencemuseumok on Saturday - enjoy! AmyLoeffelholz

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ryanhorne0076 @trotter_sara @bill_m_4 @WillGourley We learn from who we like/respect.

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