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September 17th, 2014

jmsprincipal I could feel you yawning! RT @okeducation: 2014 A-F Report Cards: Nobody Cares @jmsprincipal wp.me/p2oreu-zX

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.@Okieprof glad to hear your recommendation of “The Roosevelts” on @PBS. I’ve been loving it since I discovered their channel on Apple TV!

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lifelonglearner Proposed Texas Textbooks Distort The Truth About Climate Change, Experts Say huff.to/Xr6uuv

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susanvg RT @jackiegerstein: Inspire Her Mind - Inspire Her to Change the World with her brains and creativity! youtu.be/XP3cyRRAfX0

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new post: Minecraft and MinecraftEDU in the Classroom on @cilcorg j.mp/1s7yYHT cc @kjarrett @techsavvygirl

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iReading: A slide into obsolescence: iOS 8 on the iPad 2 j.mp/XkAesw by @caseyjohnston @ ArsTechnica (upgrade NOT recommended)

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PattiFerg TPS has no “failing schools;” just schools that have been failed by the state.

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@CallMe_MrsJones yes, that is exactly my point. We would never accept this for churches, we should never accept it for our schools!

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“The legacy system is mainly characterized by a refusal to deal in small-batch (cont) tl.gd/n_1sb0ite

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“There are 2 options for completing a project: start early & small or late & big” by @GregoryMcKeown

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iReading: How to Create Custom Maps on My Maps (Formerly Google Maps Engine Lite) j.mp/1uIokFf by @rmbyrne

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I updated my Twitter profile, adding “Essentialist.” This is wishful thinking now, but I’m trying. More accurate: “aspiring essentialist”

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“The surface argument is about price, but the deep argument is about (cont) tl.gd/n_1sb019a

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James409Jason I thought it was appropriate to repost my A-F blog: check out my thoughts here jasonthecurriculumguy2.blogspot.com

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The answer is, of course, we won’t because the A -F policy is designed to discredit & harm schools rather than help & support them

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If the A - F report card was a great policy to improve outcomes, why aren’t we giving all our churches in Oklahoma an A - F grade?

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@meanjean99 I’m convinced the policy is intended to discredit schools and teachers, not help students or learning. :-( I’ll post about it…

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shawnhime It is time to concentrate on students, NOT politics. Join the positive solutions based approach: ForThePeopleOK.com

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OSSBAoklahoma Memorable comment today: Barresi said @CCOSA generally picks supt/principal of the year who follow party line & march to mediocrity

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DrTerriOU Fall field trip money available Check out @Nature_OK’s Tweet: twitter.com/Nature_OK/stat…

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State A-F report cards released 42 of 93 @OKCPS schools “failing” j.mp/YTnb3h by @NewsOK (sadly this policy doesn’t help)

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@SamPatue what’s your next @TechEdShow opening? This Sunday could work or we can look at dates in October for Sunday evenings :-)

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SamPatue Hey @wfryer 2nd grade will be coding regular polygons today mypaperlessclassroom.com/2014/09/coding… with @hopscotch

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@SamPatue That is great, my fourth and fifth graders will be starting @hopscotch in 2 weeks!

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Check out Heroic Imagination Project: Stand up, Speak out, Change the world j.mp/1snysiY led by @PhilZimbardo via @GregoryMcKeown

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iReading: One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees? by Frederick Herzberg j.mp/1maw1DS via @GregoryMcKeown

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An @IESYukon teacher needs an ethernet hub to connect 3 classroom computers. Anyone going to on Sat have an extra?

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“Instead of pestering to get projects done, ask about obstacles you can help remove that slow others down” by @GregoryMcKeown

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@shireenram my @iesSTEM Ss have started making green screen movies this year too, but we like Do Ink’s Green screen app more than @Veescope

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joy4ok Congratulations! 2015 OK Teacher of the Year, Jason Scott Proctor! @TahlequahSchool @oksde pic.twitter.com/xdr6w4enrN

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@JanetEnglish I definitely will. I’ve gotten through about half of Pasi’s book I need to finish it as well

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You know you’re a teacher when you use your circular saw before breakfast! pic.twitter.com/IMghwAvQtj

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