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September 26th, 2014

@cristama well hang in there! My best book recc for you: goo.gl/7wtf9Y I just finished listening to it on @audible_com SO needed!

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@GoresGems are your student @KidblogDotOrg sites open for public commenting? If so what are the links to them?

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@GoresGems I’m looking forward to coming to Leedly next week :-) You’re doing gr8 work w your “Gore’s Gems” blog! :-)

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Have you registered to attend the FREE PD event on Sat Oct 4th in OKC yet? Please come & join us! j.mp/1nfsF31

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@jwbvt I wasn’t planning on it but I certainly could, I’d love to come back to VT :-)

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techsavvygirl Inspired by @teachhumans @kjarrett @wfryer who understand the power of in Professional Development goo.gl/djNQ5n

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NEAToday How teachers use Kidblog with their students gpsnetwork.org/Coll_Group_Tec…

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idigjamesbond Introduction to the Minecraft Lord of the Rings Mod - crimsonmine.com/article-on-min…

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@gcouros I just sent you a Facebook message of a video I know will make you smile :-)

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iReading: NASA Rover Drill Pulls First Taste From Mars Mountain flip.it/eiiUE by @NASA

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NASAJPL Save the Date: @ESA_Rosetta set to land on Nov 12. Landing site info go.nasa.gov/1uu3ZpE pic.twitter.com/je9VmAjZoR

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annaebaldwin Who’s afraid of Randi Weingarten at the AFT? This guy! Go Randi! @rweingarten @LyndseyLayton washingtonpost.com/local/educatio…

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@cristama are lots of demands from others outside your job scope creating the confusion?

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How I did on Twitter this week: 98 New Followers, 128 Mentions, 295K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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iReading: Natural Play: New Guidelines Mean New Opportunity for Parks and Recreation j.mp/1pw3Om0 by @NRPA_news via @RecKnowledge

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iReading: : UCO Ss could face charges 4 making @YikYakApp app threats j.mp/1sxQx4a by @kfor (anonymity case study for Ss)

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techsavvyteach A Short Film on the History of Emoticons: buff.ly/1xkXA10 pic.twitter.com/PRnzWUvGb1

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gr8 to see awesome English professor & advocate @skajder quoted in @nytimes article by @motokorich j.mp/1n8AAPB

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iReading: Academic Skills on Web Are Tied to Income Level j.mp/1n8xFq4 by @motokorich @nytimes via @glassbeed

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PeterWinick Even for the most successful authors out there, the book is just one component to success. buff.ly/1puizps

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@quietprimness you might reach out & connect w her if you’d like more perspectives on homelessness today. h/t @annaebaldwin for sharing :-)

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.@quietprimness I read your recent post on homelessness in Montana. occasionallyispeak.blogspot.com/2014/09/no-pla… My wife @sfryer teaches at @ptokc in Okla City

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iReading: Academic Skills Online May be Tied to Income j.mp/Yhrt30 by @glassbeed citing @motokorich @nytimes

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iReading: Study finds solar system’s water older than the sun j.mp/1uL19cn by @Reuters

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