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October 3rd, 2014

iReading: Apple to Unveil New iPads, Retina iMacs, and OS X Yosemite on October 16

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iReading: JPMorgan Chase Hacking Affects 76 Million Households by @nytimes via @Recode

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garrison_todd So excited to have @gcouros 10/7 and @compclass 10/8 keynoting next week! Hope to have a big turnout!

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JoeD4OK Read about Joe Dorman’s “Classrooms First” plan to improve education:…

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coach57 Dropout rate at an all-time low…

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Have you registered for the Google Summit Feb 21 & 22 in OKC yet? Join us! @edtechteam

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sherrattsam “Winging it” definitely doesn’t mean unprepared. It means being so well prepared you are able to go in any direction. @nzchrissy

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autismpodcast Horizon Report for International Schools in Asia was just released. Check it out: Β pls RT

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RT @Shelly_Hickman: Norman High senior chosen for Team USA!… (woo hoo HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE!)

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OKPolicy .@ClaudiaSwisher That bump from FY 13 to FY 14 is the “new” money if you ignore every year before then.

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EdCampOKC New post: Reminders & Lunch Survey for PLAYDATE OKC Tomorrow!

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Attending our free PD event tomorrow in @OKCPS at JMHS? Check out our parking map & lunch survey!

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I shared the awesome Google video “Moonshot Thinking”… today in Leedey, Oklahoma

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@mrs_trentham so glad you enjoyed today’s PD! :-)

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mrs_trentham So was more like genius hour and 45 minutes today…

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iReading: Popular on Amazon: Wildly misleading self-published books on Ebola, by random people w/out medical degrees

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gr8 [VIDEO] podcast by @tonyvincent about new features in iOS 8 for teachers

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Listening to @film_girl extol Kindle e-Ink on The Committed Tech Podcast # 51: “500 Different Scenarios of Awesome”

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GoresGems So awesome that @wfryer enlightened us! Learned so much! Can’t wait to aaply w/ my Ss.

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@jmcate I would love to but I’ll have to do some checking, I will email you!

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@GoresGems Thanks for the feedback, so glad we could learn together today!

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ChrisWSimon This is so Incredible! - ‘Aquaman Crystal’ Could Let Divers Breathe Underwater… via @mashable

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How I did on Twitter this week: 79 New Followers, 88 Mentions, 688K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via

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very cool: Learned about @MyIDSquare (ID bracelets with QR codes to scan, sends SMS alert to parents if an emergency)

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Fascinating @scifri audio podcast: Water on Earth Is a Million Years Older Than the Sun

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Awesome book on innovation & thinking big: Hieroglyph: Stories & Visions for a Better Future via @scifri

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Sadly no mention of + interactive digital writing in “Kids & Screen Time: Cutting Through Static” by @NPRCoryTurner

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@daviottenheimer :-) reminds me of the 1984 Olympic opening ceremony in Los Angeles with that guy flying around in a jet pack

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iReading: A Jetpack That Keeps Its Wearer On The Ground by @NPR (bionic powers for military special forces)

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