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October 16th, 2014

An evening game of “The Wolf & the Townspeople” by campfire instagram.com/p/uPKTn4ugDe/

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skillshare We’re excited to announce a more open Skillshare, including Free Memberships! skl.sh/1sC8FYP pic.twitter.com/USJ5XQB7UO

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skillshare Give presentations that will have ppl on the edge of their seats w/ @TEDTalks icon @simonsinek skl.sh/1sK6rql pic.twitter.com/V776yK2FYG

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Werner Herzog on Creativity, Self-Reliance, Making a Living of What You Love, and How to Turn Your Ideas Into Reality j.mp/1rh4Kvt

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exxonmobil_my 21st century bionics - See how a state-of-the-art exoskeleton can help the disabled walk again: youtu.be/oj_wqium0HE

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@LansfordsLines that is fantastic, are you giving a presentation as a final application step or were you awarded the grant?

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.@FrostJonesy sounds good! MCEdit is useful Minecraft software my son taught me about speedofcreativity.org/2014/01/30/ini…

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[VIDEO] Tutorial: Install Custom MinecraftEDU World for Student Multiplayer youtu.be/ZmQ35PAwKAQ

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@sethgutt that happens when an IT company that doesn’t normally work w schools sets filtering policy…

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[VIDEO] Tutorial: Starting the MinecraftEDU Server & Saved World for Student Multiplayer Use youtu.be/RuDtx1FJYUQ cc @sfryer

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@ntoft they have had to tighten filtering recently and it looks like they’ve gone a bit too far…

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[VIDEO] Configure Student Computers for MinecraftEDU Multiplayer youtu.be/wxNY3zHlNho cc @sfryer

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[VIDEO] Igniting Creativity: MoogFest and MoogLab j.mp/1ze4CGX by @MoogFoundation

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[VIDEO] Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool Ignites the Creative & Innovative Spirit j.mp/1wekKEB

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SBSNews Rejoice Potterheads! Three Harry Potter spin-offs announced bit.ly/1sTqGC7 pic.twitter.com/tSes1kiLFH

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tomgara Oil staying this low “would effectively be a $600 tax credit to an average American household owning a vehicle” buzzfeed.com/matthewzeitlin…

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Great job @sfryer showing @StLukesOKC youth volunteers how to organize iPad apps at @ptokc pic.twitter.com/gpQEEJxbhW

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please support this! LOCAL - League of Oklahomans for Change in Alcohol Laws j.mp/1tybRXF

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gr8 job @sfryer @ptokc using QR codes for videos in elementary reading group centers with iPads! pic.twitter.com/pdFB6AvlGS

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I love these school wide learning goals for @ptokc pic.twitter.com/s0FVEjO9Dk

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iReading: Parents face defamation trial over fake Facebook page their kid made arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20… by @arstechnica

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wow - demo of @Replay_App video editing iOS app is amazing! itunes.apple.com/us/app/replay-…

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“Two of the new iPad Air 2’s stacked on top of each other are thinner than the original iPad 1” -Phil Schiller

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@jbormann3 it might create more incentive for students to take selfies, however… :-(

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The affordability of iCloud storage 4 photo & video syncing has me wondering if this would work well for my classroom iPad cart?

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The Mail app in Mac OS X Yosemite supports Skitch-like annotations - very cool!

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@site5supersam thanks so much, I appreciate it :-)

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LifeProof If you’d like to watch the stream of the head over to apple.com/apple-events/2… (on Safari).

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I’ve been having a lot of server offline problems w my @site5 host the past few weeks, I’m getting frustrated not being able to solve them

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iReading: LittleBits Launches An App Store For Hardware j.mp/1sMpsse by @Forbes via @littleBits

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“Social networking websites are blocked by our school web filter” pic.twitter.com/Ery7oDkNNI

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@matthewktabor I have no idea why that entire category is blocked

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@matthewktabor an excellent question… I think it’s a typical case of over blocking, but we will request that the site be unlocked

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@KidblogDotOrg is blocked at school because it is educational & a blog” pic.twitter.com/eqqhRdbzDM

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iReading: Beats’ Iovine: When you met Steve Jobs, you found the party j.mp/11ugVQm by @CNET (good insight into Apple Beats buy)

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Fall Break Coffee Goodness @ The Red Cup instagram.com/p/uN9-6hugIq/

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new post: Igniting Innovation with the 2014 K-12 Online Conference j.mp/1Cql1nO @k12online

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inknowvator Hello world! Please add photo of view out classroom window to our wall here: padlet.com/venosdale/ijxu…

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jgmac1106 “How to Overcome the Fear of Sharing Your Writing in Public” feedly.com/e/TUVIulhE

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ZDNetCharlie Apple leaks iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 specs ahead of launch via @ZDNet, @ZDNetCharlie zd.net/1yGLFvk

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NWPDigital_Is Making time and space for student agency and voice @innovates_ed educatorinnovator.org/webinars/makin…

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.@jbass2274 thanks for the feedback, glad you were inspired! The rest of @k12online will be even better this year!

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deannamascle “Social media gives us tremendous power, but not everyone chooses to use that power for good.” ln.is/buff.ly/33qdw

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iReading: Our Story for iPad: The Best Digital Storytelling App for Young Writers j.mp/1CpZsni by @jonathanwylie

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ASCD “Learners yearn for relevance.” - @tonyfrontier explaining one of the keys to a culture of active learning: ow.ly/CGuKi

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iReading: HBO to Introduce Standalone Web-Only Subscriptions in 2015 j.mp/1DeaLl5 by @MacRumors

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