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October 22nd, 2014

21 slides done for Saturday’s breakout session “Tips & Tricks for E-book & Indie Publishing” at @writesellwell :-)

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.@afekete01 that is gr8 to hear! I’m definitely on the journey too thanks to @GregoryMcKeown :-) Keep at it!

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Very exciting, just got confirmation 2 different multi-year grants involving digital storytelling & @storychasers have been funded! Woo hoo!

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iReading: Stanford Offers Online Program in Design Thinking via @Ms_Cerda

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new post: Great STEM Conversations About Perimeter in MinecraftEDU

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@MumbaiMaggie you are most welcome - thanks for sharing the great ideas :-)

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AmyLoeffelholz Cooperative Team Challenge Learning is a team sport! @wfryer @lesstem

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What an an awesome visualization [VIDEO] The helical model - our solar system is a vortex

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CasadySTEM We’ve started a YouTube playlist of our Student Lego Stopmotion videos!…

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CasadySTEM Our curiosity links for this week have been updated! Hoverboards, Sphero Races, & Lego Stopmotion!

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@verenanz awesome! I have tried quite a few video downloading sites and that is definitely the best one I’ve found!

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iReading: Hedgehogs and the 4th circle by @MumbaiMaggie

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@verenanz So glad I could help! Did you use that same PwnYouTube Deturl site for downloading the videos?

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@Ben_Haizlip Thanks so much for sharing the app last night, it’s going to be awesome to have that in our toolbox :-)

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@Ben_Haizlip The 3 we saw last night were also not coming from the Orion constellation, but it was still exciting! Made us want see more!

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Just watched! MT @k12online: Networked Intergenerational Learning by @verenanz [VIDEO]

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iReading: YouTube has paid $1 billion to rights holders via Content ID since 2007 by @arstechnica

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iReading: How Google Fights Piracy 2014 by Google via @arstechnica

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@StuartLRM @arstechnica @dmkravets yes, but the big difference is Google also pays rights owners, while torrent sites do not

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iReading: Google rolling out new anti-piracy search algorithm by @arstechnica

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iReading: It’s Real! Marty McFly’s Hoverboard Is Now on Kickstarter by @POPSUGARTech

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@Ben_Haizlip My girls & I got up to watch for about 30 minutes, but just saw a total of 3 meteors. Sadly not impressive this time…

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