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October 26th, 2014

.@KidblogDotOrg Do you have an ETA for your iOS app update? Students of @sfryer aren’t able to post photos with it after the iOS 8 update

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“To inspire meaningful change, you must make a connection to the HEART before you can make a connection to the MIND” by @gcouros

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“After nourishment, shelter & companionship, STORIES are the thing we need most…” by Philip Pullman via @gcouros

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“to innovate, disrupt your routine” by @gcouros

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iReading: Sphero Giveaway ~ My Paperless Classroom via @nuzzel

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iReading: Google Form Add-Ons Have Arrived via @nuzzel

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@tomgrissom @anotherschwab ok, thanks for that link, we will check it out

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Anyone know someone in the area who is a bagpipe instructor?

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Learning this morning about the “Museum of the Bible” @museumofBible being built in Washington DC …

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iReading: The Horror Before the Beheadings by @nytimes via @Nuzzle

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