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December 13th, 2014

Want to understand @JanetBarresi reforms? Read “JebFest: The Education Miracle That Isn’t” j.mp/1xg1TLC by @thebafflermag

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iReading: Conversations in Crazytown j.mp/1DuKpid on @EduShyster via @annaebaldwin (scary politician agendas)

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iReading: The day I knew for sure I was burned out j.mp/13lA3Bd by @GatsbyInLA via @annaebaldwin @valeriestrauss

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Beautiful residential Christmas lights in Edmond, Oklahoma pic.twitter.com/tryHei93GX

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ericnentrup Google updated their satellite images and now you can see my spiral mowing patterns from space. That’s cool. pic.twitter.com/Vyi5Al37lG

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EduTweetOz You’ve joined in the fun of sharing your - keep them coming! –- ‘My week on EduTweetOz was awesome’ pic.twitter.com/63q3LKrZNM

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AdonitNews We’ve enjoyed seeing so many cool entries in our contest! 2 more days to enter/vote: buff.ly/1G7Y5xn pic.twitter.com/3Noeu6q9zE

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ZigZagsTech Student Make My Heart Sing! W/ helpful links to resources from @wfryer & @kathyschrock goo.gl/dvYqiJ

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ShellTerrell Get Students Learning as Reporters w these resources, apps, tools shellyterrell.com/2014/12/13/new…

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davidburkus Writing a book had a huge impact on me. So my is giving 25 SIGNED Copies of “The Myths of Creativity.” ow.ly/FQtIP

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shareski If leaders believe school’s primary purpose is to make students college and career ready, how does that impact the culture?

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@mcleod so what did you use to figure that out?

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ramusallam This post by @alicekeeler just rocked my wordd: alicekeeler.com/teachertech/20… NO NEED FOR TEMPLATES ANYMORE.

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@TeacherCast “the opposite of “broadcaster.” Media will grow increasingly personalized, and we’ll need people to handle all those streams.”

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@TeacherCast yep - “narrowcasting” is a term I’ve been using for my podcasts for quite a while

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iReading: Top 20 most popular jobs of 2030: Vertical farmer, limb maker, waste data handler, narrowcaster j.mp/1sqs4II

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eslweb Having trouble digesting all the Tweets. Here’s the magazines flip.it/Ioxw0 Enjoy!

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jnxyz ‘The enablers of the 20C are the disablers of the 21stC’ -@mrclarksclasses

- A great opening for Future is Now session

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Remarkable @FastCoExist article on teaching prison inmates 2 code, hopeful for constructive employment on the outside j.mp/1snjEYt

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LianneSJones@LawDeanHolloway: Obsolete technologies that will baffle modern children: in pictures - Telegraph telegraph.co.uk/technology/pic…“Aka good ole days!

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I’m listening to “Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future” from 2010 by @stephenkinzer j.mp/1z6pe1G on @audible_com

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I just purchased tickets to Hairspray Jr. The Musical - Sun. Evening in @upstagepas at ticketstorm.com/e/14389/t/

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EPS_Foundation It’s time to say “YES!” in Oklahoma for public education! fb.me/6s0WOC6Z8

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Reminder of what’s important in schools by @peterhreynolds @FableVision “The Testing Camera” j.mp/1BwBI1Y via @TeachaKidd

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@TeachaKidd what’s the story on the “remove a link” sidebar option on your blog?

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iReading: How a Spacecraft Like Orion Survives the Harsh Radiation of Orbit j.mp/12I0csY by @motherboard

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new post: Come See “One Incredible Moment” in Edmond This Weekend j.mp/1A49tGY

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Torture Is Who We [The U.S.] Are j.mp/1BGYhnI by @PeterBeinart @TheAtlantic (but certainly isn’t who we should want 2B

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iReading: Oil Prices Go Down, Russia’s Gold Buying Goes Up flip.it/JGlml by @NPR

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iReading: What Happened When I Spoke Out About the CIA’s Guantanamo Black Site j.mp/1yKpmjK by @JosephHickman0 via @JasonLeopold

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“Engaging & Interactive Toys” (not the description you want for your 1:1 learning project) pic.twitter.com/zYEgOY0uml

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2014 is the “streaming stick” holiday season pic.twitter.com/mhnZNMz5pi

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iReading: Experience Horrors Of The Syrian War Thru Eyes Of Kids j.mp/1spWdYU by @FastCoExist via @nuzzel (iOS app of kids art)

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elemenous Connect with Apple Distinguished Educators is out! paper.li/elemenous/1412… Stories via @Braddo @jcorippo @wfryer

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jutecht Launched updated website today for learning2.org feedback welcome!

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