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December 14th, 2014

[VIDEO] The North Face: Your Land youtube.com/watch?v=tll-4W… (yes it’s an ad, but this makes me want 2 do more in outdoor education!)

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James409Jason RT @timwoods: “…I have fought the good fight against what I feel is deeply dehumanizing—grading.”washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-s…AG

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@vperezy I love @SoundCloud but they have severely restricted the amount of free audio you can publish, so it’s much less classroom friendly

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I’m reading “Stop Stealing Dreams” by @ThisIsSethsBlog j.mp/1DyNEFg h/t @mcleod (it’s FREE)

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@vperezy I agree the updated @audioBoom is far LESS education/classroom friendly. You tried @narrable ?

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.@bcrosby @mcleod see if there is a local users group in your area. I’ve learned a TON from ours in OKC meetup.com/OKC-WordPress-…

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.@bcrosby @mcleod that’s a good webinar idea: “Spiffing Up Your WordPress Site” - I will consider doing 1 on … tmi.me/1eU89W

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TechKnowTopia RT @InstTechTalk: Share what you did for the on the ITT podcast! Record a short segment here: j.mp/1GnvcgN

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lots of examples of student-created enhanced e-books on “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” maps.playingwithmedia.com/ebook/

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edventures A3a: Heard of ? Check out worlds-of-learning.com/2013/08/30/tra… to learn more. How can we extend ? pic.twitter.com/9b2R76SPK6

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enhanced eBook / digital storytelling examples from @storychasers info.storychasers.org/home/maryetta/… (some for PreK/primary too!)

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1 of my fav digital storytelling videos introducing “The Hero’s Journey” & story arc: “What Makes a Hero?” youtube.com/watch?v=Hhk4N9…

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Digital Storytelling resources are available on “Mapping Media to the Curriculum” maps.playingwithmedia.com/digital-story/

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edventures Can’t make tonight’s chat? Want to get a jump on it? Add to our chatdoc at bit.ly/nhedstories pic.twitter.com/yALBplattC

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edventures ‘Tis the season to tell stories! Join us at 7pm as shares tips, tricks, old favs & new classics! pic.twitter.com/s2pRk8CAjR

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.@edventures wish I could join tonight on digital storytelling, it’s last performance of our church musical tonight our daughter is in

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Beautiful rainbow right now over Oklahoma City! pic.twitter.com/aLjik1rCVy

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KOCOWeather Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Canadian, Cleveland, Grady and Oklahoma County in OK until 5:00pm. Radar at koco.com/wr

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@bcrosby you’ve been doing blogging right for many years, Brian! :-) @mcleod

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iReading: U.S. DOE restores No Child Left Behind Flexibility Waiver for remainder of school year j.mp/1BEbvyG via @oksde

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@mcleod cool, thanks :-) I’m taking notes on web redesign from your site

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jtotheizzoe Next video in my series on change comes out tomorrow. Catch part 1 here: youtube.com/watch?v=ffjIym…

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eyesrightblog Spectacular remix of Rufus Wainwright’s Hallelujah, by @Clovertonband recorded in Manhattan, KS youtu.be/43OQi0KJC8g via @KansasNana

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DianeRavitch Progressives Form Néw Group to Counter ALEC wp.me/p2odLa-9do

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jmsprincipal @JanetBarresi and our state BOE were here! MT @wfryer: Want to understand reforms? Read “JebFest…” j.mp/1xg1TLC

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@mcleod are you using a WordPress plug-in to create your blog sidebar subscription icons? (If so which one?!)

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iReading: We need schools to be different j.mp/16lRF12 by @mcleod via @nuzzel

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joycevalenza In a world that is extremely digital,we need humanity more than ever. The Principal of Change georgecouros.ca/blog/archives/…

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TEDxVienna View the world from a different perspective! Find the unexpected! | Destin Sandlin @smartereveryday! bit.ly/1vKYVbw

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