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December 18th, 2014

iReading: Why Curiosity Enhances Learning j.mp/1v67Vsy by @edutopia via @nuzzel

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bethiejq Don’t let winter give you the teaching blues! on January 24th! edcamptulsa.org

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bethiejq made me chuckle: MT: Bd member Amy Ford asks for assurance that winning vendor is NOT CTB McGraw Hill. Chandler confirms it’s not.

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@KevinCTofel @jakeheister My wife wants2 update 1st gen Chromebook. Toshiba Chromebook 2 w 4 GB RAM & 13.3 screen looks good. Your thoughts?

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iReading: Until apps improve more, maybe Apple doesn’t need a new iPad each year j.mp/1x3Z1lE by @KevinCTofel @gigaom

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Techmeme Toshiba Chromebook 2 review: one of the best screens on a Chromebook at a great price cnet.com/products/toshi… techmeme.com/141116/p2#a141…

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See p.18 of the ‘Inside-Outside: Syria’ app! goo.gl/9qei6J

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“Art is a window to take feelings outside. It is important.” by Khalid Eid j.mp/1sES5V5

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I just downloaded free Inside-Outside iPad app featuring artwork by Syrian children about war experiences j.mp/1AxMHrc

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@milobo yes indeed! They were a big hit in our teachers lounge today, I didn’t have any to bring home!

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@ClaudiaSwisher from the article it doesn’t sound like something Janet did, just something the @oksde was informed about, right?

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iReading: Barresi tells State Board of Education about expected changes to midyear adjustments j.mp/1z1VgrZ by @tulsaworld

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iesSTEM Our prosthetic hands really work! h/t @AmyLoeffelholz pic.twitter.com/uhjUBjw0Il

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NASA_Astronauts Find out what @astro_Pettit and @Astro_Cady want to study on the @Space_Station. Hint: it’s electric! Watch: go.nasa.gov/16tZEcs

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NElovesPS This holiday season, think of public education as the greatest gift we give to our society —eayoutube.com/watch?v=CrtpWN…Ao

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MT @Voice_of_Play: Check out how the latest playgrounds are making child’s play fun again. j.mp/1x2itiF cc @AmyLoeffelholz

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NElovesPS “The way society has changed has impacted the way we need to focus on teacher preparation” – Dr. Nancy Edic@UNOmahahnelovesps.org/story/success-…cW

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bcrosby And we are in full messy learning mode. Family STEM Night Lyon County, Nevada. pic.twitter.com/GG3wpSltCR

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iesSTEM We R watching this video today in class: Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics youtube.com/watch?v=uRmoow…

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iReading: Disabled dog runs for the first time thanks to 3D-printed legs j.mp/1uWp1s1 by @verge via @nuzzel

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.@sfryer Here’s the link to our classroom @iesSTEM “Curiosity Links” stem.wesfryer.com/home/curiosity Please share w your @ptokc students! :-)

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NASA_EO Video: Holidays Shine Brightly 1.usa.gov/13bMKhb pic.twitter.com/BZFzFDDOF9

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NASA_EO Mesmerizing view of Christmas lights from space. wapo.st/1BY5ayj Via @washingtonpost pic.twitter.com/sQNsvDL1PR

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@GamePressApp I’m looking forward to your new Hyperpad app! What is the ETA for its release / availability?

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verge How will drones change the skies? Watch this week’s episode of The Big Future: theverge.com/e/7176500 pic.twitter.com/u2DyrY2rDe

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verge Tomorrow’s planned SpaceX flight has been delayed until January theverge.com/e/7178764 pic.twitter.com/X17cYQfNKU

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AlexVKluge Content must be thought provoking and provide ways for learners to confront misconceptions. youtube.com/watch?v=eVtCO8…

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AmandaFoxSTEM Interested in submitting student videos to our film festival? DM me for more information!

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@GamePressApp I’m still getting started… do you have a tutorial video series going through the steps of creating an entire, simple game?

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I’ve updated my @iesSTEM “Curiosity Links” for Thursday & Friday (end of term!) stem.wesfryer.com/home/curiosity

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