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December 20th, 2014

new post: Benefits of Updating a Home WiFi Router to Apple’s Time Capsule

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sad to read how Sony emails show the @MPAA is targeting Google via State AG’s to coercively alter search results

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@TurnbullChris @laurabusche my & visual notetaking philosophy is to use a tool with which you are familiar & comfortable

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Science teacher w Masters degree needed to teach General Biology Monday nights 6-9 pm next semester at SWCU

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Way to go @AFFootball @AF_Falcons - gr8 bowl game finish to a gr8 season!

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iReading: @TMobile Wi-Fi calling: Apple iPhone 6

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iReading: Hand-Sketching: Things You Didn’t Know Your Doodles Could Accomplish by @laurabusche via @amyburvall

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iReading: How Deepmind’s Artificial Intelligence Will Make Google Even Smarter by @DigitalTrends via @GrahamBM

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.@garrison_todd without a doubt @Flipboard has been one of the biggest ways my wife @sfryer has learned to enjoy & use Twitter the past year

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@garrison_todd @dawn2lake @tcea207 @ellakmommy did you all learn how to make Twitter lists and view them in @Flipboard today?

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Ok, sounds good!

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cristama “How ‘Deprogramming’ Kids From How to ‘Do School’ Could Improve Learning”…

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davidburkus Expand Your Creative Capacity. Get “The Myths of Creativity Workbook” FREE when you join my low-volume newsletter.

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kelseamckinzie I’ve noticed there are devastatingly rude people that you can let bring you down,or there are people who are so uplifting you could burst.❤️

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garrison_todd Garrison family Christmas=teacher professional development day. Today’s topic is Twitter! 5 Ts under one roof make organized Christmas!

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@garrison_todd that is gr8! What are the Twitter IDs for everyone in the crew? Everyone from ?

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@rileyrichter yes, our family loves @wafflechampion too! We ate there for the first time a couple weeks ago for breakfast

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@ELanghorst @techsavvyteach I just sent you both an email with a proposal for a post-Christmas Google HangOut / podcast :-)

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gr8 [VIDEO] on “Deontological Ethics” - Theologian Giles Fraser on Moral Character, Kant’s Axe by @BBCRadio4

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howsoundtweets “… About Those Numbers.” Thanks @AIRmedia.…

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Are you interested in setting up a home media server? You probably should use Plex software via @maxitrn

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If you teach students debate or extemporaneous speaking, use videos on “A History of Ideas” by @BBCRadio4

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iReading: Need a Chair? Now You Can 3D Print One at Home Thanks to Joris Laarman by @3DPrintBoard

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.@howsoundtweets my fav quote from this segment “I named it when I was zero!” via @dreambition

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