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December 25th, 2014

A great [VIDEO] 2 end your Christmas Day: Apollo 8’s Christmas Eve Broadcast from 1968 via @Astro_Ron @OverviewEffect

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UNICEF Singing from space! @AstroSamantha records her version of @johnlennon’s . WATCH

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FragileOasis There’s , back at the North Pole, deserving of a long winter’s night.

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Astro_Clay@hamzeh9969: Merry Christmas! To you, to your family, to everyone! XD” Peace on Earth (& off), good will toward men.

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NASAhistory A @NASA astronaut has been in space every X-mas since 2000; STS-103 was the only Shuttle to be in space over X-mas

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Astro_Ron ..and a star to guide us. and let there be @FragileOasis

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iReading: Google has a new way to tell if you’re human by @ben_rooney @CNNMoney

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3 years ago the U.S. was importing 6.5 billion barrels of OPEC oil per day, now it’s 3 billion/day by @boonepickens

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“This [teaching] is complex & moral work. It cannot be placed on a rubric or bubbled into a test.” by M. Gunderson

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iReading: The Heart of the Matter: Why I Teach by @WordLib in @edutopia via @nuzzel

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after trying 21 different images I’ve settled on a new Twitter header photo from our @iesSTEM Maker’s Club this year…

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@tonyvincent yes indeed, I was multitasking cooking sausage balls for lunch. Such a great overview of iOS 8 features, thanks!

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just watched @tonyvincent video podcast - Learning in Hand: #28: New in iOS 8

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The Screens of Christmas Morning

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