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January 31st, 2015

@InstTechTalk @TeacherCast ok - thanks. Yet more reasons I wish @posterous was still online & @posthaven worked just like it used to…

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@TeacherCast Can’t find much that helps via Google, however, which is strange. Some others report the issue, but no fixes…

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@TeacherCast I tried disabling all plugins except JetPack & the result is the same. Wondering if it’s a JetPack issue?

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@TeacherCast I’ve been posting from iPads & my phone, the text posts fine but images are always stripped out for some reason

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To my Oregon friends including @ccassinelli @timlauer & @jonsamuelson, Prepare for Quinton to join the Ducks!…

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new family learning blog post: Bowling is Fun Enhanced eBook (made w @BookCreatorApp)

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I’ve been frustrated today by the WordPress JetPack plugin NOT posting images using the post-by-email module. Not sure why :-(

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PocketShare new post: Keep Your Eyes on the Action

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.@MrsHime @Tech4T3achers Plz record & podcast your presos later if you can! Wish I could be there to hear them in person

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@hwallace1220 @coach57 @MrsHime @MrsBeck25 wish I was going to - maybe next year! Enjoy, learn & share lots!

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AssessWell PARCC Proficiency Exam Is Bad Policy, New Jersey Parents Say « CBS New York

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iReading: Can U shoot down a drone on your land? New incident raises self-defense questions by Jeff Roberts @gigaom

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Daring Greatly: How Courage2B Vulnerable Transforms WayWe Live Love Parent Lead by @BreneBrown

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tyleramidon Here’s the Google plus community for…

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iReading: The FAA’s Drone Ban at the Super Bowl Is Absurd by @Gizmodo via @scifri

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pgoerner amazing conversations about the use of video in the classroom. See notes:

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pgoerner Need to know what is next? 2015 Session Board Click room number for notes to be shared for each session

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BethStill Sooo excited to have convo with @bhwilkoff about using video. Icing on the cake? Sitting next to @jeffskohls!

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A2 @edrethink my teacher superpower would be discerning the back stories of my students to understand them better

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“Microsoft foresaw a computer on every person’s desk…But Apple went…further…a computer in every pocket”

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“Apple sold more than 34,000 iPhones every hour, 24 hours a day, during the [4th] quarter” [of 2014] by @tim_cook

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I just read “Pure Hawaiian” in the February 2015 issue of @NatGeo for iPad cc @sfryer @ptokc

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iReading: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft by @nytimes via @EstherWojcicki

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[VIDEO] Testing Day for ClassenSAS 6th Grade Applicants made w @OKCPS

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