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February 17th, 2015

@lydiao7 awesome, I am so glad you all enjoyed it. @GetKahoot is a great tool for gamification of lessons!

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@himetimers what is the link to your KidBlog site for this year?

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“What do teachers fear most about sharing student work online?” @polleverywhere

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MrsHime Lunch with the pros! @burgessdave @wfryer @MrsBeck25 @tonyayg

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@shannonmmiller no, unfortunately I won’t make it to ISTE again this year. Hopefully next year…

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@jabellpepper no problem, I hope you had a great day of learning :-)

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@shannonmmiller Great to see you too, wish we had had some time to visit and hang out more :-) travel safe…

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vperezy Guess who’s school just got approved for 1:1 iPads? Thank you @Tech4T3achers @MrsBeck25 @coach57 @wfryer

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@vperezy @Tech4T3achers @MrsBeck25 @coach57 congrats!!!! “The future has arrived in Lawton, Oklahoma!”

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j0hnburns @wfryer @brianwrinn we documented how iPad & 3D printer supported learning experience in Art… (2.11 minute mark)

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Help & gurus of 3D printing: @brianwrinn is looking for tips, resources & ideas for 3D printing with students using iPads!

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@brianwrinn I know the Blockify app for iPad is free & lets your students design on iOS for 3D printing

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BrittKUFan Thanks @wfryer for getting me interested in using Easy Blog Jr. for my students.

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I shared [VIDEO] Transfer Photos & Videos Between iPads with InstaShare (FREE)… at conference today

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JoAnnJacobs68 RT @LPralleKeehn @EdTechnocation My experience w @MinecraftEdu (informally) - GREAT classroom tool…

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RT @mrjoshuaehret: Let’s get our kiddos to start creating media portfolios for their future! @wfryer

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8 days left until the @FCC vote. Stay grumpy until we get what we want: real !

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Great for quick edit videography: ioGrapher via @mrjoshuaehret

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slides on @SlideShare 4 session “Visual Notetaking Deepens Learning” this morning…

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great to use for visual notetaking to find icons you can copy: The Noun Project

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Year one flight route of @Captainirving ‘s “flying classroom”

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“83% of math & science Ts in Florida have no professional background in those fields” by @Captainirving

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“Kids do not care about the journey, they are focused on the destination” by @Captainirving “Sell the finish line”

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Over 300,000 Ss followed @Captainirving on his solo round-the-world flight - after he focused on EDU

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Listening to @Captainirving share his amazing infused journey flying solo around the world at

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@kathyschrock yikes. Ice storm in Oklahoma City yesterday, schools were canceled. Two days before it was 80° & beautiful.

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