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February 23rd, 2015

iReading: Introducing the newest member of our family: YouTube Kids app nzzl.me/1A0SEKI via @nuzzel h/t @MaraGust

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.@sfryer here’s a new “MakerTime” project idea for you: BrushBot Kit by @makershed via Sue Hooge @iesYukon #makerEd http://t.co/ZB2jirOgtl

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RT @MsMagiera: Creating Choose Your Own Adventure Instructional Videos with YouTube http://t.co/AFUgvLB5MN

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MrsHime If you are into productivity and don’t know about signup genius, you need to. Made scheduling testing monitors a breeze. @SESCounselor

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iReading: Websites & Apps for Making Videos & Animation nzzl.me/1B6YUGp by @CommonSense via @nuzzel h/t @spowersky

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@jahillteach glad U found it, crazy 2think YouTube was 3 years old the year I made & shared that! So much has changed but issues are similar

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MsLaidler I will not let my students’ data define them. I will not let my students’ data define me.

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.@MsLaidler @MsMagiera you might share some of these @sfryer @ptokc black history e-books w some of your Chicago Ss! https://t.co/szjWAiji1G

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Just taught @sfryer how to create video playlists on her classroom YouTube channel! #oklaed #create2learn https://t.co/h4FXzrF3QY

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jahillteach What might EPS look like had we listened to @wfryer in 2008? I believe we are topnotch & it’s never too late youtu.be/8FddN2Z0Qzk

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@jahillteach hey that video is a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing. I agree, it’s never too late support digital literacy!

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.@BookCreatorApp check out these gr8 eBooks by @ptokc 3rd & 4th graders taught by @sfryer http://t.co/uRJab3i3ZP #oklaed #create2learn

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sfryer New post: Black History Biography Projects goo.gl/AF0Zl9

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RT @davidburkus: Turn It Up: How the Right Amount of Ambient Noise Increases Creativity http://t.co/E9UW32go1h

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mentormadness Only 45mins until Topic: Documenting Play-sharing ideas, making connections Pls join us!

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YukonDistrict Due to the inclement weather and road conditions, there will be no school, on Tuesday February 24th. This is a… fb.me/73xwPnMcS

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felixjacomino Visual note taking tips by @wfryer from Wichita, KS: youtu.be/8at1xM9UcTc

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iesSTEM [VIDEO] Catapult Testing in STEM Class (Meeker) youtu.be/ViYw6-7D4oo cc @AmyLoeffelholz @sfryer

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.@FCC votes on THIS Thursday. These are the final moments to make your voice heard. battleforthenet.com/countdown

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iReading: When Kids Think Parents Play Favorites, It Can Spell Trouble j.mp/1EmPZ4G by @NPR

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lisegaluga @barrmomx2 You have the power to do that - your energy and passion can “contaminate” (in a good way)!

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eyesrightblog new post: A Fast to End Injustice and Oppression wp.me/p4bdf3-qi

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