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February 25th, 2015

I added “Voice Record Pro” (free iOS app) to the Narrated Art / Photo page of @ShowWithMedia

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gr8 examples of narrated art/photo projects: Harriet Tubman Poems… by @ptokc Ss taught by @sfryer

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AlenaBlyshchyk How to Develop the Next Generation of : Stop Treating Everyone the Same Way. by @JeffDeGraff

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Listening to @dweinberger podcast interview by @globalearner about learning in a world of information abundance

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@vperezy @MsMagiera I just realized annotations don’t show up on the iOS YouTube app, so will have to include choices in video descriptions!

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@vperezy @MsMagiera they all rehearsed for about 10 minutes and then we shot the videos, only a few retakes. It was fun! :-)

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.@sfryer our YouTube “Choose Your Own Adventure” style virtual tour of @IESYukon has started: 6 videos made!…

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.@MsMagiera @vperezy You inspired my @IESYukon Maker’s Club students to start a YouTube Virtual School Tour today!…

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gr8 use of visual notetaking, quick edit videography & green screen videos by Mrs. Duke’s GE students!…

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URGENT: 1 day until the FCC’s vote on and Congress is trying to derail it. Join the

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joy4ok Thank you!! Senate, House Ed Committees pass bills to reduce testing, replace 7 EOIs, saves millions/yr!

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“Astronomers have identified a mammoth black hole weighing as much as 12 billion suns.” by @NatGeo

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I’m going to propose an @EdCampOKC session on “Amplifying Digital Literacy PD in Oklahoma” I hope you’ll join the dialog!

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@cstric I noticed you’re starting a Twitter list for - here’s mine, I try to limit this one to just teachers…

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drjohnthompson This Week In Education: Thompson: Asking the Wrong Questions regarding NCLB and Testing:…

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OSSBAoklahoma “If we’re going to use public funds, then we need to follow public rules.” @KatieHenke on HB 1522

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Using @Flipboard to discover new ideas? Subscribe FREE to “iReading by Wes”

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I used the free WordPress plugin “Enable Media Replace” to replace map images for @EdCampOKC

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@MrsBeck25 @MrsHime @GauntTonya @bridgestyler you might add your Twitter IDs to your channel profile description on @OutoftheBoxPD

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@MrsBeck25 @MrsHime @GauntTonya So glad to see you all combining forces for tech integration PD with @OutoftheBoxPD :-)

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@NikkiDRobertson I wish I hadn’t had to present 4 sessions and could’ve attended some too!

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Good resource: Photos For Class - The quick & safe way to find & cite images for class! via @PeterVogel

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