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February 27th, 2015

Watching [VIDEO] Hagia Sophia: Istanbul’s Ancient Mystery j.mp/1EysJRl on @novapbs

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DeanPhillipsMT New- You Can Now Trim YouTube Videos on Android: February 27, 2015
Google released today a new interesting fea… shrd.by/NCqeOX

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Awesome! I’m showing this soon to my Makers Club! Adventure Time Game Wizard by @PixelPressGame j.mp/1vHFC9P via @EdGamer

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Wow! Nice teacher stipends available for teacher club sponsors in Gerry James’ Illinois school district! j.mp/1BokGWv via @EdGamer

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Every educator with any interest in gaming & learning should immediately subscribe to the FREE @EdGamer podcast! j.mp/1wtGwBL

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@EdGamer do you have a link 2 @MinecraftEdu worlds which have energy power plants in them that you discussed in your last show?

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“There is a world of linked knowledge online Ss need to examine, considering different perspectives” by @dweinberger j.mp/1Eycq7h

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.@EdGamer did you happen to audio record 1 of your “Playful Learning” presentations at ? Sure wish I could have been there this year!

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RT @3DPrintGirl: Monash University 3D Prints Two Entire Metal Jet Engines http://t.co/jOYATULwUs http://t.co/z4LeQPLGE1

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instituteofplay is much more than ‘Lego online’ - it’s a creative classroom tool ind.pn/1zf1qoA

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DavidFifeVP Microsoft announces free Office 365 for students and teachers, includes at home downloads of software zite.to/1JNBifF

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elkorda Why study Rome when you can build it? @EdGamer using Minecraft in the classroom

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@henrythiele @mistersill @EdGamer do you all have a YouTube playlist of some “4 shot digital story” examples?

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henrythiele Drop the Green Screen. Teach your students “4 Shot Storytelling” to make videos that tell a story in context. @mistersill

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“as educators, part of our job is to UNSETTLE knowledge for students” by @dweinberger j.mp/1N0qNEY (listen to other voices)

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@MrP_tchr that was hers, I went Mexican on that front today :-)

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RT @07tch: How often in a life do you get to see perfect snowflakes?! #i?winter https://t.co/X9EZilxwk4

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@DrTerriOU congrats, @iPadpalooza is a fantastic conference! @mrhooker & his team put on an absolutely top shelf experience!

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RT @educationweek: “Homework is the thing that makes kids who used to like school start to hate it.” http://t.co/Ea5YmGTzeh #ewopinion

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#NetNeutrality victory! Grumpy Cat flies over @Comcast HQ to say Don’t Mess with the Internet! http://t.co/h6Y7IiXzho http://t.co/Jh1UxIltm0

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iReading: New Chinese Social Media Policy May Be Used To Target Political Speech by @npr #SocialMedia http://t.co/17uoQufq6q

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.@NWSNorman In Yukon @IESYukon we’ve received < 1 inch of snow but have lots of slick spots on the roads pic.twitter.com/xQMLmxG2ME

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NWSNorman We need your reports! We’re missing info west of OKC and north central OK, but we’ll take anything! pic.twitter.com/DEGDikLpJf

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Very glad at LAST to finish our @iesSTEM catapult unit today! Now it’s on to with @hopscotch on our iPads!

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iesSTEM Some of our STEM Catapult launch champions today! cc @AmyLoeffelholz @sfryer pic.twitter.com/bLOVmvCl93

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@robinwb @Tom_Kilgore it would be amazing to have you both join @AmyLoeffelholz & I for @STEMseeds camp in June! :-)

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@mcleod thanks for the shout out :-)

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Judging by the snowy view outside our @IESYukon teachers’ lounge, looks like postponement was a good call! pic.twitter.com/0wom7VzYUE

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How I did on Twitter this week: 172 New Followers, 318 Mentions, 371K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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@giuliaforsythe oh good, I hadn’t realize that. I was very turned off at the minimal free options when I tried it a while back

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@giuliaforsythe you are very kind! I am going to keep practicing, just got the pencil stylus for Paper53 - an eager to experiment w it!

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@ahicktiger indeed that played out to be an accurate predication today!

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NWSNorman Thanks for the report RT @MOChaser96: Heavy snow falling in Norman, OK currently. pic.twitter.com/hVD8x8XzoI

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RT @MrPowersCMS: How Leadership Can Make or Break Classroom Innovation | MindShift http://t.co/luJZrAbv3J #spsleads

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EdCampOKC New post: EdCampOKC Postponed to Saturday, March 7, 2015 goo.gl/iO5M5j

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Absolutely spectacular sunrise this morning in Oklahoma City pic.twitter.com/5XxGhHi5Yg

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EdCampOKC With safety in mind based on the latest forecasts, we are postponing till Sat March 7th. Email and blog post to come soon

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: STEM to Story: Enthralling and Effective Lesson Plans for Grades 5-8 j.mp/1AgaUjE via @rob_reck

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@rob_reck @MPSTechnology @TEDTalks I think that’s an exaggeration- on that front I’m more concerned about the NSA rather than the FCC

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sb_hale This is a menu for lesson planning! Great for PBLs. @wfryer showwithmedia.com

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amerigrad More companies are looking at investing in to enhance the next generation workforce via @TIME: ow.ly/JAFRR

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