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March 13th, 2015

iReading: John Gruber - Apple Invented USB Type C by @MacRumors http://t.co/S1ULBU7BHa

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@lapham_katie @AnthonyCody @audreywatters @JulieLB @EduShyster the fact “they” are watching & listening = sign of social media empowerment

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Hey #OklaEd be careful what you tweet - @PearsonNorthAm is watching! via @AnthonyCody #sxswEDU http://t.co/9Ne7M92Mx9

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iReading: Judge - Conflict of interest may exist (abt @PearsonNorthAm testing & services) via @redforkhippie #OklaEd https://t.co/yqy6L7c25K

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iReading: How Arts Education Fuels the Creative Economy j.mp/1MzxHxP by @KCET via @ArtsInEducation @NEAarts cc @okaplus

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NEAarts How arts ed is fueling the creative economy, from @KCET ow.ly/K7uuF

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RT @redforkhippie: @gfdisneym @Karnythia Parents should also be outraged that Pearson profits when kids fail the test.

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gfdisneym Parents should be outraged that Pearson is spying on students social media and asking district to discipline them! pic.twitter.com/6nJDTPHrIj

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@audreywatters @JulieLB @EduShyster interesting idea, but I think it was just a random screenshot!

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iReading: Frat Banned At Oklahoma University Is Familiar With Controversy by @NPR #oklaed http://t.co/0kAom0F535

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kdamp Well done, @OU_CoachStoops, @OU_Football, and @OU_Athletics. “Racism: We won’t stand for it.”


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fzzxtchr Tune in this Sunday at 7:45 PM before chat for the newest update on , which will be held at @CVTech Cowan campus on Sep 26

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iReading: @NPR Technology Podcast: Straight To Audiobook - Authors Write Original Works Meant To Be Heard pca.st/98TO

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@HHG I remain concerned abt the authoritarian nature of mandatory schooling laws. We need universal Edu but schools can’t be run as prisons

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@HHG thank you for sharing it. Provocative & important ideas. Too often schools default to “1 size fits all”

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Are you a writer? Register for the @writesellwell May 1-3, 2015 “Writers Intensive” workshop in Eufaula, Ok! writersintensive.eventbrite.com

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Just finished editing the first 1.5 hours of today’s @IESYukon “Battle of the Books” video w YouTube Editor! (recorded w @Ustream)

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iesSTEM Several new updates to this week’s stem.wesfryer.com/home/curiosity for class! :-)

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@MrP_tchr what was the context / location?

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Best student digital story examples I’ve helped collect are on talkwithmedia.wikispaces.com/Galleries @ShowWithMedia

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TParks Visit BEAUTIFUL SEOK! MT @wfryer: is coming August 8, 2015 to Idabel, Oklahoma! se.edcampok.org via @dougeb00

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How I did on Twitter this week: 143 New Followers, 325 Mentions, 475K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via http://t.co/A66Mqdeusm

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iesSTEM 2 of my @IESYukon students created @hopscotch games today on iPads that have a score!!! I am so excited! cc @sfryer pic.twitter.com/tudJcsWxSc

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Ustream Recording set up for today’s “Battle of the Books” at @IESYukon pic.twitter.com/JkQUtCQh4y

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spencerideas Connected so much to this TEDx Talk from @HHG Gifted, Creative and Highly Sensitive Children youtu.be/ybmgVSdsMu8

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iReading: Mounting a Critique of Online Identity, in Person j.mp/1EG8NgE by @chaykak in @PacificStand about @nathanjurgenson

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