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March 14th, 2015

@zencache thanks for letting me know, I updated to the latest - hopefully that will do the trick!

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mathewi So I finally wrote something about the death of Gigaom, and what I think it means (or doesn’t mean)…

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iReading: The Long Story Behind GigaOm’s Sudden Demise by @pkafka via @nuzzel @johnoeffinger75

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@zencache I’m not sure, just using default settings. It’s a big site with over 5000 posts

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PocketShare “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Psalm 90:12 NIV) via @MosaicLA…

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iReading: There Are Fewer New Teachers. And No One Seems Surprised by @NPR via @jturner56…

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BookCreatorApp New Book Creator Teacher Guide - get your copy for free…

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iReading: Big at SXSW: FireChat Bypass Cellular and WiFi Networks - Yahoo Tech via @mguhlin

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iReading: My New Book On Student Motivation To Be Published On March 27th - Tweeting Excerpts Now! by @Larryferlazzo

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julielynnmiller “You better stop being a Democrat, and you better stop being a Republican. You better start being American.” Arnold Fisher.

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Watching TEDx [VIDEO] The Myth of Average: Todd Rose at via @BowlesCecil

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iReading: : Farmer herds his cows into the shape of pi [VIDEO] by @mashable

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I loved teaching my @iesSTEM students how to code this week with hopscotch for iPad!

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@uhaul is crowdsourcing happy customer photos for its trailers & trucks

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Added FREE iOS app “Opinion- Podcast Recorder & Editor” to @ShowWithMedia Radio Shows page h/t @joedale

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I really enjoyed listening to this analysis of Apple’s event this week on @CommittedShow Episode 72

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just downloaded [FREE] Opinion - Podcast Recorder & Editor iOS app h/t @joedale @ShowWithMedia

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@joedale I’m watching now - looks super! Thanks SO much for sending me the link! :-)

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[VIDEO] Q&A, reordering and feedback with the Opinion app at by @joedale

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MT @glenwoodelemlib: need names of fantastic librarians in our state. Who are you PROUD TO KNOW? Who is amazing at their job?

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@PerriApplegate Can you help @glenwoodelemlib ? She is looking for fantastic Oklahoma librarians who are doing an amazing job!

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@kolegraffvclink I’ll take all the Silicon Valley Luv & positive Mojo I can get :-)

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@fisher1000 I saw that too! I’m guessing it was a random screenshot…

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I’ve added the 14 videos on our @IESYukon CYOA virtual tour to a @ThingLink !… h/t @MsMagiera

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iReading: New York Times’ 5-year fight with patent troll may cost millions by @gigaom (we need legal reform!)

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iReading: Apple debuts a thin, fanless MacBook that comes in gold by @kifleswing @gigaom (trackpad)

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iReading: See Tesla’s massive battery factory under construction by @katiefehren @gigaom

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Yikes - @zencache isn’t doing well this morning handling my WordPress caching, I’m getting a database error after tweeting out a link :-(

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.@jaherbel I used YOURLs to create my custom URL shortener, I wrote up a short how-to guide… h/t @tonyvincent

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