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March 18th, 2015

VirtualAstro A guide to the Solar Eclipse and Live video page ready for Friday is now available on meteorwatch.org Please RT so no one misses out

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“when PLCs are mandated & organized by grade or subject, they lose potency to influence active, vibrant, teacher learning” by @sdikkers p 71

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“buy Ts toys 2play with, let them take new tech home, & pilot test use prior 2large scale adoption” by @sdikkers p 71 http://t.co/TFxXjlRlka

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research by @sdikkers shows “award-winning teachers are ALWAYS learning from their students” p 62 http://t.co/TFxXjlRlka #create2learn

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POPSUGARTech 27 facts about space that will expand your mind forever popsu.gr/37100453 pic.twitter.com/yDjmc8KHah

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MT @bubbatamez: I’m needing someone to fish with tomorrow! Any takers?

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ScratchEdTeam “Dive in. Play.” The importance of fearlessness in learning by @karen_brennan

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scratchteam A Conversation on Creativity, Technology, & Learning w @mres @karen_brennan & @Codecademy’s Zach Sims pic.twitter.com/Km42qTkAWj

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scratchteam “Dive in, play, create, tinker. Learning w/ & from others can be incredibly powerful.” @karen_brennan

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CodeToLearn2 “The # of programmers in the world is far less relevant than the # of people gaining computational skills.” - @zsims

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gr8 use of social media by @mikeblisscomedy @JAckSONRayne @rezaillusionist @LukaMagic1 before their awesome show in Branson, Missouri!

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@joedale @iGael1 @philcampbell @eyebeams I’m a huge fan of the iRig mic for iOS videography. Haven’t tried their new lightning model yet tho

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Registered yet for @storychasers Digital Oral History Camp in Montana in July? storychasers.org/montana/ Join us for awesome outside learning!

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@MiamiDevice @SonestaCGMiami that looks super - all the jackhammers are gone! :-)

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.@felixjacomino that will be gr8! @sfryer & I are looking forward to returning to @MiamiDevice again, & seeing you at @mobile2015 in June!

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Validation = process of moving from hearing abt a new practice, tool, or idea 4 the classroom, 2 using it 4 teaching & learning by @sdikkers

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iReading: Why Hierarchy Stifles Creativity by @davidburkus in @psychtoday https://t.co/dqFPIzwCiF

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iReading: Digital Media Darlings Unfazed by the Fall of the News Site Gigaom nzzl.me/1EpBF7P by @fmanjoo in @nytimes via @AustinCarr

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