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March 21st, 2015

RT @Joi: Just posted on LinkedIn - Gurus, goals and mindfulness https://t.co/RmZSaNS5cI

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iReading: The Touch-Screen Generation j.mp/1N0n1IH by @TheAtlantic via @kiboser

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yayitsrob By going with CC-BY, @elonmusk is helping many, many more people see images like this one: pic.twitter.com/3FjyLQz094

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@bcrosby glad the solution was free, easy & low-tech :-)

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new post: Mourning the Untimely Death of Gigaom j.mp/1N0iPIW cc @KevinCTofel @jank0 @mathewi @ggeoffre @gigastacey @kifleswing

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I’ve added several updates to my conference breakout session resource page: “Discovering New Ideas” http://t.co/zKki1gVEtt

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Are you missing updates from the awesome @gigaom staff? Subscribe to this Twitter list of #Gigaom veterans! https://t.co/rAd9gABvzS

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iReading: 18 Lessons in Smart Prototyping From a Self-Made Billionaire j.mp/1EA3kTz by @make

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new post: iPhone Charging Mystery Solved: Pocket Lint Was The Culprit j.mp/1xoQlqV

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jabellpepper Create your own interactive texts?
Explore resources on jabellpepper.weebly.com .


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willkimbley It is an absolute sin that we can go into any Starbucks and get great free wifi, and go into school and get nothin - @adambellow

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willkimbley Social media is about taking down the walls of the classroom to learn from everyone - @adambellow

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@sfryer This Chemistry Summer Academy at OU looks like it might be perfect for Alex! oklahomascienceteachersassociation.org/?p=6245

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@OnlineCrsLady that is fantastic, thanks SO MUCH for coaching me on this via Twitter! @Inoreader looks much better than @feedly for sharing!

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@OnlineCrsLady so with @Inoreader you’re saying I can do that?! Can I share all feeds in a folder or do I have to use tags?

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@OnlineCrsLady 1 of the things I loved with Google Reader was being able to share my subscriptions in a particular folder publicly…

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iReading: L.A. Unified School District doesn’t need more iPad yes men ow.ly/KCWWC in @latimes

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That @ifttt recipe makes 4 a mess in @feedly however, since it creates lots of uncategorized feeds (not in folders) https://t.co/KLYkSSFQeZ

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I’ve been using an @ifttt recipe to auto-add feeds for links I share on Twitter to @feedly https://t.co/KLYkSSofnr

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@OnlineCrsLady so you are using @Inoreader to create embeddable widgets of custom RSS feeds, for folders you create?

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On the recommendation of @OnlineCrsLady I’m experimenting again with @Inoreader as a replacement for RSS reading with @feedly

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liveclass20 Join us! Noon ET. IWitness: amazing multi-media resources 4 MS/HS w/ genocide-survivor testimonies live.classroom20.com

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iReading: Schools Wait to See What Becomes of No Child Left Behind Law nzzl.me/1OidSyJ by @nytimes via @nuzzel @tracieezell

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Saturday happiness is: Fixing pancakes for my family :-)

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Karl_Springer Public Schools are the ultimate Charter Schools. Locally controlled, and available to all, Public Schools represent equal opportunity

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techshop Mark & Tom talking Maker Movement at . Thanks to for hosting the interview…. fb.me/3DL74iw86

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@funnymonkey @gericoats @wmchamberlain it should fit in our regular routines of daily learning! :-)

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