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March 26th, 2015

@mentormadness can you come & share about BeeBots at our April 18th PD event in OKC?! playdate.edcampokc.org

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clairesauntie What our Ss want and need most is love and acceptance. Once established, learning can truly take place.

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kellianglley , does anyone have a BYOD policy that you’d be willing to share?

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MPSTechnology We talk about school and community relationship being essential, take a look at @MoorePublicSch!

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CathyBenge1 @kellianglley @EnidSchools is BYOD. We have guest wifi that’s open. Ss can login w/their district email.

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@CathyBenge1 @kellianglley @EnidSchools that is so progressive! @OKCPS should follow Enid’s lead!!!

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bridgestyler Very good read on myth busting some of the education funding rhetoric. Actual information is key. ow.ly/KRpKa

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@mlismom sounds fun! Are your kids going to blog about it & post photos?!

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@MrP_tchr yes, it’s a great video. Probably one all our legislators should be required to watch this year!

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iReading: Heavier Homework Load Linked to Lower Math, Science Performance, Study Says by @cgewertz #stem http://t.co/9D2lGHmSY5

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[VIDEO] March 2015 Literacy Night at School: Stilwell, Oklahoma youtu.be/W9TvIBg7bzM?ac

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Fantastic & enlightening analysis by Vali R. Nasr: Opportunities & Uncertainties in the Middle East on @world_affairs pca.st/SujW

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“Saudi Arabia needs oil at $90 per barrel to balance its budget, American shale is its top threat” by Vali R. Nasr pca.st/SujW

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It’s “Dr Suess Family Literacy Night” at School in Stilwell, Oklahoma! pic.twitter.com/WglpU1YhUt

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@vperezy @sfryer @glenwoodelemlib @jlgathright And we’re LIVE for registration at last: April 18th in OKC playdate.edcampokc.org

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EdCampOKC Registration is now available for our FREE event Sat April 18th at John Rex in OKC! playdate.edcampokc.org Please RT!

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MT @dmkravets: Despite privacy policy, RadioShack customer data up for sale in auction ars.to/1Irho5z cc @mguhlin

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iReading: Colliding galaxy clusters offer strongest case yet for dark matter j.mp/1CSh2oy by @arstechnica

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@BenjaminHarwood our family is fine in NW OKC, still a scary night. Spring has sprung in a dramatic way this yr in the Midwes, unfortunately

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Photos from @storychasers this week: preK iPad Learning at #Maryetta School (March 2015) cc @glovely @sfryer #OklaEd https://t.co/S8oqGfU7Ul

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I #LOVE this video by Mrs. Stilwell of Ss & Mr Christie in the “Psycho-motor preK Class” at #Maryetta school #OklaEd http://t.co/MmHg60CaQ4

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LibyaLiberty I’ve shed a thousand tears, stared with a broken heart at countless children’s faces frozen in a death mask that looks nothing like sleep.

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NWSNorman We will continue to piece together survey data. Complex situation. Large area of straight line winds with embedded small tornadoes.

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NWSNorman 340pm - survey teams confirm at least EF1 tornado damage in OKC/Moore. Multiple brief, weak tornadoes. We do not have a count as of now.

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[VIDEO] Vignettes of Learning at School youtu.be/98D1gwwEWbk?ac

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“Where the WILD Things Are” student pic.twitter.com/RdgEpHTR1e

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Lots of learning fun with @storychasers & iPad wielding teachers in Stilwell, OK at School pic.twitter.com/GAsCxUIRaG

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@Kreyus thanks for including me on your list! My Twitter ID is misspelled tho - it’s @wfryer :-)

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Learning with students using iPads today at School in Stilwell, Ok pic.twitter.com/2mszyrBby2

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RT @RetiredTRT: Why Kids Need to Move, Touch and Experience to Learn | MindShift http://t.co/dIdxSAtBKJ via @MindShiftKQED

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Has anyone else had problems with an iPad slideshow not playing over AirPlay to an Apple TV? Ideas / fixes? (Says “won’t play on null”)

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“Bob the Train” YouTube videos are gr8 for #preK writing practice #Maryetta https://t.co/xCROaS5BHw

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“From Sea to Shining Sea” program rehearsal vine.co/v/O3wudUJxMTt

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[VIDEO] Little Drummer Boy: In Cherokee youtu.be/nOh_IQ3MhcU

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Learning about early literacy iPad apps from experts! pic.twitter.com/GpqNsOLQ02

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“We hug our iPads like we love them - Hug it like a mama!” pic.twitter.com/yb5j8Ly7Pd

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Seeing “You have been locked out due to too many invalid login attempts” WordPress error? This can help j.mp/1xhKrYj

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@TechyNana good! Please let me know what you find out. His perspective & philosophy may be different than that of the vendor…

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.@BrianLockwood and its a reminder why it’s good to enable comment moderation by default on school YouTube channels! #googleEDU

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@TechyNana you can check, I can’t find him on Twitter but his email is on http://t.co/vw6qG9xaIn

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@TechyNana article headline is their school district “uses mobile hardware and software to keep students and teachers on the same page.”

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“McCormick said students often use the @splashtop system to complete worksheets in class” (w iPads & CBs) nzzl.me/1OAmoZZ “S”

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WordPress Download Manager j.mp/1FWajdH free plugin to directly password protect files you want to share

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Official Google page to request deletion of a cached file or webpage j.mp/1HIFPhi

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