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May 5th, 2015

grantpotter A Tour of Antarctica by Drone… cc: @DrPatMaher

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twoodwar In case you were wondering just how much educational technology could suck ……

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iReading: Texting And Driving Soon To Be Illegal In Oklahoma by @NEWS9…

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@kjarrett thanks! Do you happen to know if it will run on @MinecraftEdu 1.6.4?

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iReading: How the NSA Converts Spoken Words Into Searchable Text via @nuzzel

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I bought “Space Engineers on @steam_games” for $25 today so my @iesSTEM Makers Club students can evaluate it

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doctorow Kickstarting scenes from Star Wars cut from a single sheet of paper…

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gr8 planning phone call today after school with @glovely for summer workshops we will offer through @storychasers :-)

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sfryer “….even when we have hard times, i still love you and you love me back ” Happy Mother’s Day. @ptokc @wfryer

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Using @MinecraftEdu? Please chime in w/ ideas for the “Minecraft Redstone Building Challenge” project!catego…

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@kjarrett did you end up using that “Darkewater” @MinecraftEdu world… last year with your students? How did it go?

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@kjarrett I like that one but would like something different (with similar functionality) for an end-of-year Redstone building challenge

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@kjarrett Do you know of or have another @MinecraftEdu group building areas world you like to use besides “Ecosystem Junction?”

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iReading: Inside the School Silicon Valley Thinks Will Save Education by @WIRED via @nuzzel @Pen63

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Jesse_Livermore Joe Nacchio, former chairman and CEO of QWest: Six myths about prison

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iPhone = Cray XMP supercomputer: cost $10 million 20 years ago: same power, storage, & capabilities for $600 by @pmarca

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alicewoolley1 “I wish my students knew…”
With @jackieschneider @RealGeoffBarton and @wonderfrancis among others

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iReading: How to Eliminate Choices as They’re Used on Google Forms by @rmbyrne via @nuzzel

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iReading: Introducing Google+ Collections, a new way to group posts by topic via @nuzzel

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