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May 8th, 2015

new post: 30 Reasons I Love Teaching Elementary STEM j.mp/1F4ZshQ

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433 videos on our @iesSTEM classroom YouTube channel now! https://t.co/5YCBVCKnP6 Most are student-created! #OklaEd @create2learn

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49 enhanced eBook videos in this @iesYukon YouTube playlist https://t.co/cKIDH4iKOp #OklaEd #create2learn

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48 “Visual Notes” narrated green screen videos in this @iesYukon YouTube playlist https://t.co/f5LUBrWZZr #OklaEd #create2learn

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@PeterVogel that was what Phil Schiller called it in the March 2015 Apple Event… he was referring to all the “guts” of the laptop

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The logic board on the new MacBook laptop is 67% smaller than the previous version, incredible miniaturization

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I’m finally watching the entire March 2015 Apple Special Event on #AppleTV http://t.co/Rdy7TR2meh including the announcement of Apple Watch

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NWSNorman 715pm - updated severe weather risk for tonight pic.twitter.com/X9jELvT8V1

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srmullens @NWSNorman went around and found a >2.5 but <3 inch stone. North Norman, again. pic.twitter.com/QIoZB1Y11H

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@BorduasTed @sfryer @classkick cool, thanks for the feedback. If you write a blog post about it please share the link with us! :-)

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@TeachFromHere sadly I’m sure it is, & probably more than 1! Thankfully I’m armed with my iPhone “Elendil” & I have a Gandolf poster too…

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RT @mrevansclass: Some days you leave school on Cloud 9… Hoping my weekend goes as well as today did!!! #LoveTeaching ???

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@mrevansclass thanks, after I tweeted it I realized I should’ve included the hashtag as you did :-) I’m a big fan…

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I just subscribed to the SparkChasers podcast (don’t you LOVE that name?!) educationcloset.podbean.com by @susanrileyphoto using @pocketcasts

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NWSNorman VERY important that you know your county and those around you. May sound simple, but it could save your life.

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Again after school it feels like the forces of Sauron are arrayed against us from the west pic.twitter.com/uUiilUYsu3

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My weekend homework: build & prepare our @iesSTEM @MinecraftEdu Redstone Engineering Challenge server world template! pic.twitter.com/duOIGfdpKV

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some of my @iesSTEM @iesYukon 5th graders helped me build this Minecraft Parody Song YouTube playlist today https://t.co/yXAcNxSzS4 #OklaEd

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likemindead People are complete morons when they panic. Adelaide’s old school had to post this. Astounding. pic.twitter.com/CYNQGkYh0l

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RT @smeech: Checking out the new area on the Apple website: Everything changes with iPad. http://t.co/lmrRyH8YiH

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RT @techchick94: Creativity is really just solving problems by @edcatmull #Leadercast2015 #leadercast

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jimharmon “If students multitask outside classroom, maybe we should be asking them to multitask inside classroom” -@DTWillingham @learningandtheb

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@elynnlll I export from Keynote to PDF, then upload to @SlideShare

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iReading: Scientists win when they are social w/ their work, study shows by @mathewi in @fortunemagazine #SocialMedia http://t.co/UMEuut4TgO

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@elynnlll I love sharing my presentation slides in @SlideShare - links work, & it’s cross-platform / iPad friendly :-)

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classkick @alicekeeler Classkick is FREE and we made guides for different ways to use it w/ your Ss bit.ly/1zl9Hhs Let us know how it goes!

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sfryer Has anyone used @classkick? What do you think? @wfryer

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How I did on Twitter this week: 79 New Followers, 251 Mentions, 236K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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.@adamjonesed @tonyvincent I definitely recommend “The Book of Learning & Forgetting” by Frank Smith http://t.co/DRa7VytU83 h/t @bobsprankle

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Last day of outside morning crosswalk duty today @IESYukon 10 more days of school left counting today!

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[LISTENING] From Oakland To Baltimore, Lessons Learned From Cities Of Unrest umano.me/c/GXMlN @umanoapp

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