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May 12th, 2015

iReading: Why Are There 1,000 Unfilled Teaching Jobs in Oklahoma? nzzl.us/vMPbxMJ by @KOSURadio via @OklahomaStand

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lesson resources for our @iesSTEM May 2015 @MinecraftEDU Redstone Engineering Challenge are available! http://t.co/mHljp3DzVD #STEM #OklaEd

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@nelliemuller and @minecraftEDU came out as the MOST popular choice / they wanted to keep it! Results: https://t.co/sdC6bWs7fh

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@nelliemuller I surveyed all my @iesSTEM students (305 this term) in April on what Maker Studio stations we should ‘retire’ ….

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mtechman .@wfryer’s Show What You Know site featured in email blast to all our tchrs re making thinking visible showwithmedia.com

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@mtechman super! thanks for the shout out :-)

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Nice Redstone Challenge tour [VIDEO] of 1st 3 requirements youtu.be/6GsXowkWrQo by @iesSTEM 5th graders

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Successful @MinecraftEdu Redstone wiring for indoor lighting! @iesSTEM pic.twitter.com/XQ0vM66xW1

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Contrast in morning computer lab use: Reading testing or @MinecraftEdu creation? pic.twitter.com/6gQq7nfoNv

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[Listening] Researchers Use Lottery Tickets To Help Slow The Spread Of HIV by @npr http://t.co/7Lej3H7HUK

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RT @courosa: “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think.” https://t.co/QRDVtagMvB

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“The space to create: 53 cm is the reach of the average human arm” #create2learn via @om (backstory of Paper53) http://t.co/Ww7N0515lv

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“linear TV… where a show takes place on a certain channel at a certain time has a fairly bleak future” via @mathewi http://t.co/buM5Z9s2Cf

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iReading: Why Apple bought 1 million acres of Chinese forest flip.it/N6m0e flip.it/actSf by @philiped via @katiefehren

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JedCastles Beautiful…. BUT COLD this morning! @NEWS9 pic.twitter.com/V43aqbdoeQ

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Wow - pretty remarkable to see all the igloo & costume options available in @clubpenguin youtu.be/7ZnwvXSR9sg narrated tour by @RachfMC

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