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May 17th, 2015

@EdGamer @drezac interesting way to monetize other people’s YouTube videos by serving as a filter :-)

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11 in this YouTube playlist: Minecraft Parody Videos (no profanity, all school-safe for kids) http://t.co/OjLgXANKPb

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[VIDEO] “Creeper” - A Minecraft Parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Music Video) youtu.be/CiZBw9Memrc

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[VIDEO] “The Squid” - A Minecraft Parody of “What Does The Fox Say” originally by Ylvis youtu.be/tDRscxjFS-k

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[VIDEO] “The Unknown” - A Minecraft Parody Song of “Dark Horse” originally by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J youtu.be/vf6RrFsF83k

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.@AYoung_EdLdrshp yes! That’s why @iesSTEM “Curiosity Links” have been some of my favorites to share w Ss this year! stem.wesfryer.com/home/curiosity

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“Families are simply happy to see the food that they eat after sun down, safely avoid snakes entering their homes…” http://t.co/xkZgllmucn

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iReading: Microgrids key to Bringing a Billion out of the Dark flip.it/Pfm7B by @NatGeo

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“What we don’t realize is that there are solutions to problems that await us in places we’ve yet to discover.” http://t.co/JMRA9sn3X6

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iReading: Neil deGrasse Tyson on space, fame, and the future of the human species via @mattyglesias #stem http://t.co/JMRA9sn3X6

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tonnet 30 Reasons @wfryer Loves Teaching Elementary STEM. bit.ly/1PPcnWL

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RT @TeacherJenCarey: Clear Signs of Digitally Connected School Leaders http://t.co/KNE1gRL569 via @wfryer

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@judithway well hopefully the dream had a happy ending! :-)

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@Dawn63Dale @BB_TechFella awesome, Dawn! @Flipboard + Twitter lists = a gr8 digital newspaper option! :-)

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Goodbye, foster dog Brooklyn… instagram.com/p/2zoRL6OgMm/

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shawnhime @MrsBeck25 I agree. We need to train mentors and create a multi year program. ForthePeopleok.com recommends a 3 yr mentoring pln

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coach57 Teacher shortage has as much to do with Class sizes as $$$

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jmsprincipal A10: Bottom line is admin cannot lead from the office. Visibility is critical 2 school culture. Can’t lead what U don’t understand.

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@MrsHime your team rocks! Glad to help amplify your innovation & leadership! :-)

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@judithway @sfryer how fun :-) had you recently listened to our latest podcast together?!

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saracarterok Clear Signs of Digitally Connected School Leaders bit.ly/1e8Tna4 Excellent stuff by @wfryer

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.@techsavvygirl excellent! @spreaker is my go-to BYOD radio show app & platform, works on Windows tablets too via browser

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.@techsavvygirl best cross-platform app & site for quick classroom “radio shows” is @spreaker - see showwithmedia.com/radio-show/ for more options

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iReading: Here Is What ’60 Minutes’ Didn’t Tell You About Billionaire Who Is Trying To Disrupt Cancer Care j.mp/1B5IvyH by @Forbes

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new post: Clear Signs of Digitally Connected School Leaders j.mp/1B5ycL4

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techsavvygirl This picture from student balloon launch in Essex last week goo.gl/vIv6VJ pic.twitter.com/HnId5RfRHP

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I’ve started listening 2 “Program or Be Programmed: 10 Commands for a Digital Age” by @rushkoff on @audible_com j.mp/1POuwE5

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iReading: We are ignoring the new machine age at our peril by @guardian via @GrahamBM @bobharrisonset http://t.co/FIOa5bwGTW

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RT @gcouros: The support of a PE Teacher and fellow classmates make for a beautiful story. #psd70 http://t.co/ilDVPJUQbm

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RT @BlueSkunkBlog: BFTP: Dangerous statements librarians make http://t.co/hsjl8BY0b7

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jenniferward Wasting time on Google Feud. Thanks for sharing this @brookem1015 at yesterday’s ! googlefeud.com

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.@sfryer @AmyLoeffelholz variation of jitterbug robots w pool noodles & electric toothbrushes! via @@geekyteach https://t.co/n2Udw8wXMq

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RT @geekyteach: Here’s an example of a pool noodle vibrobot. https://t.co/8SamaLcIca @wfryer

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