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June 9th, 2015

iReading: Apple’s ‘News’ app stokes fear among journalists by @cnnmoney via @brianstelter @mathewi http://t.co/dTakTMcBZC

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Just learned about citizen journalism site @grasswire via @brianstelter @mathewi grasswire.com/about

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it’s late & I’m frustrated not being able 2 resolve my youngest daughter’s MacBook startup problems. Safe boot works support.apple.com/en-us/HT201262

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@cherylabla I haven’t used @quizizz yet - just learned about it from @tbbrwn tonight in :-)

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Add @quizizz quizizz.com to your list of live digital assessment tools like @GetKahoot @polleverywhere & Google Forms h/t @tbbrwn

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cristama Challenge: Connect here to continue the dialogue through 24/7 digital PD. Encourage colleagues to join and connect to grow.

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@tbbrwn I have not, thanks for the heads up!

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@wyowayne68 @HoffmannClass I agree F2F can be gr8, but asynchronous tools can invite student responses you wouldn’t get otherwise

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A6 #MTedchat 2 of my favorite podcasting apps now on the iPad are @OpinionPod & Voice Record Pro https://t.co/R13wQDEEiu (both free)

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@AuroraMoore I did not see that study, do you have the link?

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@SteveWyborney I played w touchcast last year for some curiosity link videos, powerful but challenging to do everything in 1 take

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A5 I like Google forms & Kahoot also, but also PollEverywhere

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Voice_of_Play Now may be time to channel your inner kindergartner. Playing can improve your health, happiness and productivity. ti.me/1bBM3CW

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IgniteNation Teach students success is no accident pic.twitter.com/Pgv7VR814j

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OSSBAoklahoma It’s not but go ahead & welcome @DuncanSchools to with a follow.

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@Braddo @mizuko yes, I love that concept and your - well done!

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sfryer Thanks PBS for educating kids and families. @OETAOK pic.twitter.com/jwRJofBVl1

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mizuko is just two days away! Looking forward to seeing everyone in downtown LA for conversations on learning, tech, equity

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RT @tara: Join the @LAMakerspace and other #STEM nonprofits this Saturday http://t.co/s9PqsWbDso

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“Digital media is changing the ecology of reading & writing, not destroying them” by James Paul Gee in @pbs #DMNL21C http://t.co/5otbL0Frt4

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new Flickr photo set: Storychasing McAlester History #OklaEd #Oklahoma https://t.co/O8UnIBMQyx

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[PODCAST] A&W Root Beer Drive In (McAlester, Oklahoma) #OklaEd #history http://t.co/DPCeYSQRn5

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Noticed how highly VISUAL menus are like this 1 from @DennysDiner? As teachers we need to use more visual media! pic.twitter.com/1vGx1CzVQp

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Workshop materials ready including QR codes for @PBSLrnMedia @OETAOK @kiamichitech workshop by @sfryer today pic.twitter.com/VRnPB5ZMZx

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PBSLrnMedia Via @wgbh: Use video to describe to students how light is made up of photons that move at a very fast speed. to.pbs.org/1cAXwlN

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PBSLrnMedia 1 day left to get discounted w/@pbsteacherline! Use promo code SUMMERSCHOOL for 20% off 15/30/45 hr courses. to.pbs.org/PD

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Time for another @PBSLrnMedia @OETAOK workshop with @sfryer today at @kiamichitech in McAlester, Oklahoma! pic.twitter.com/cY8lkX0F7X

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iReading: Square’s new wireless reader will accept Apple Pay and work with Android by @mashable cc @classensasptsa http://t.co/fRMk7C5V7z

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CNNMoney What you need to know about Apple’s updates announced at : cnnmon.ie/1KRFxTW pic.twitter.com/F2nYijxGyg

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@OKCPS I submitted the survey and look forward to more collaboration opportunities next year!

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[VIDEO] Tulsa Aquarium in 90 Seconds (Vine Video Compilation) cc @OkAquarium @sfryer youtu.be/2VZ0JMhy_aM

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New Flickr photo album: Tulsa Aquarium (June 2014) https://t.co/8g2ADdUkBm

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new Flickr photo set: 1921 Tulsa Race Riot - Greenwood Cultural Center #OklaEd #Tulsa #history cc @storychasers https://t.co/3BKMzhBbgH

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Great family / parent school engagement survey by @OKCPS http://t.co/8ZNs67BE96 #OklaEd (distributed by text message, in 2 languages!)

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