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June 15th, 2015

@ericjsilva thanks for sharing your 2012 post about removing WordPress Mobile Edition http://t.co/NkVIPf95lo #YouHelpedMeTonight :-)

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If you or someone you know is going through a tough medical situation, setup a @CaringBridge website FREE. caringbridge.org

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Oklahoma is not officially “big sky country,” but we’ve got some great sunsets! pic.twitter.com/HJVluTP2rQ

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RT @katiefehren: Elon Musk launches competition to design Hyperloop pods http://t.co/8rCvsfzBbw

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kmalandruccolo Teaching students how to use their devices and social media appropriately is part of teaching. @E_Sheninger pic.twitter.com/3e3HsTiIdz

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@ScottPuritz Ugh - I wish that @jasonzweigwsj @WSJ article wasn’t behind a login so I could read it… :-(

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davidlchaney The definition of insanity: Doing the same think over and over but expecting different results. Time for a change! pic.twitter.com/E52L7ctyGP

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BethRheingold Check out my article on Edutopia: How Projects Can End the Year on a Good Note | Edutopia edut.to/1BiMTzP

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RT @karlfisch: New Post: Idea #1: Eliminate Letter Grades, GPA and Class Rank http://t.co/GtFyTYASiE 4000+ words, read at your own risk.

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“assigning a %… is indefensible mathematically, pedagogically, practically & based on what we know about human dev” http://t.co/hFXTEMPmO9

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Pepperoni & Hawaiian to go! @ Stars & Stripes Pizza instagram.com/p/396XpJugKj/

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@iPadpalooza @adamjonesed yes, it would be great to come back in 2016! :-) I might even jump in the lake this time!

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Engines Of Our Ingenuity Podcast 2424: The National Institute of Standards & Technology uh.edu/engines/ pca.st/iwjN

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RT @CommittedShow: Episode 84: “This is Why I Have a Box of Phones!” http://t.co/DFKfGSusim

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Just finished listening to @CommittedShow podcast Episode 84: “This is Why I Have a Box of Phones!” pca.st/AA3S

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@amyburvall well bummer, it would be gr8 to visit in person. Please ask @globalearner to invite me sometime to his conference ;-)

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@adamjonesed :-) it was fun! I was honored to be your guest. Will you be at ?

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