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June 17th, 2015

rhondaschroeder Arthur Elementary Creed — Adobe

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I just commented on the 1st blog post by Oklahoma 1:1 iPad principal @rhondaschroeder… You should too!

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@craigyen indeed they do. My 11 year old daughter is really into watching shows about these things on NetFlix now…

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Good animated GIF showing “tidal lock” of the moon

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went down a YouTube “rabbit hole” this evening watching videos about UFOs & ETs… Some crazy stuff.…

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iReading: Why China wants to land a spacecraft on the mysterious far side of the moon by @josephstromberg

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jenrosejennings 1st ice storms, then tornadoes, now a tropical storm….all while having earthquakes.

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iReading: 8 Apps To Give You A Seriously Rigorous Workflow via @domnorrish @sjgorman @cagelessthink

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josepicardo Great blended learning shouldn’t substitute teachers, it should amplify their reach and impact @educate1to1…

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iPadMediaCamp Here’s a @listly list of our 2015 iPad Media Camp iPad apps!…

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Interested in teaching elementary Ss at a 1:1 iPad school w a gr8 principal? Apply at Arthur Elementary!…

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NWSNorman 745p-Torrential rain in south-central OK. 7.32 inches in 6 hr in Newport.

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vperezy Check out @wfryer’s free ebook of @hopscotch challenges @Ladywolf2014…

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@vperezy @hopscotch @Ladywolf2014 thanks for the shout out!

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& statistic: 60% to 80% of all US citizens have had their Social Security numbers hacked! via @NPR

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Check out our day 1 @iPadMediaCamp curriculum on “Screencasting & Narrated Slideshows” in @OKCPS…

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shout out to @cogdog - another @iPadMediaCamp Day 1 - another time to use & play with “Five Card Flickr!”…

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Follow @OKCPS 1:1 iPad elementary school principal @rhondaschroeder & check out her NEW blog!

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My best RTs this week came from: @KleinErin @Ryan7Read @jnxyz @EliottCNN @joedale Who were yours?

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MIT & Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation collaborate to transform teaching in the digital age via @NPR…

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MindShiftKQED The Benefits of Teaching Lessons Learned in Preschool to Older Kids

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used AutoCrat… to auto-email @iPadMediaCamp workshop PDF certificates after eval form submission h/t @dianewoodard

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