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June 18th, 2015

[VIDEO] “Create Media With Permission” added to Copyright… & Image pages of Playing With Media

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@FrankLoMonte wow. thanks for those clarifications, & for tweeting that @TParks :-)

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a YouTube version of my Adobe Voice [VIDEO] “Create Media With Permission”… cc @iPadMediaCamp @sfryer

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thanks to @tonyvincent for sharing free & @creativecommons licensed image sites shared in this Adobe Voice video

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[VIDEO] “Create Media With Permission” made w/ Adobe Voice for @k12online @creativecommons

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iReading: Twitter’s Project Lightning will curate the news around live events by @mathewi in @Fortune…

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@cheryloakes50 Had you seen that article / announcement previously? I just learned about it today when we tried to do it in @iPadMediaCamp

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iReading: YouTube tiptoes toward the journalism business with eyewitness “Newswire” by @joemullin on @arstechnica

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iReading: Google Removes Reading Level Filter cc @cheryloakes50

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TParks Surprising fact, in 41 yrs of law, no one has ever been punished for violating it. @FrankLoMonte @SPLC

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@TParks @FrankLoMonte @SPLC that is quite a quotation. The same is not true for tho, correct?

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mobile2015 “What Made Great” is an Adobe Voice video by @wfryer:

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srbullock @wfryer I found this YouTube resource so helpful as I dig into at this week. Thanks!…

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@srbullock thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad you found it helpful! My son, Alex, helped me create that a couple years ago! @MinecraftEdu

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@N_O_D_H @danielpunkass @CommittedShow yep, we Mac users are finally taking over the world. Microsoft is out! :-)

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rhondaschroeder Arthur Elementary now has a YouTube Channel!…
@Arthurokcps @JonnyCurriculum @wfryer @nakellogg @OKCPS @pduffy_okc

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iReading: Arthur Elementary - Oklahoma City Public Schools @OKCPS hosts @iPadMediaCamp!… by @rhondaschroeder

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Green Screen iPad Videography at @iPadMediaCamp w @DoInkTweets ‘s Green Screen app!

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Check out Day 2 @iPadMediaCamp curriculum: “Quick Edit iPad Videography” at @OKCPS Arthur Elementary…

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Check out this Flickr photo set from our @iPadMediaCamp this week in at Arthur Elementary!…

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Popular podcast app Instacast now discontinued as parent company runs out of money by @9to5mac via @on @CommittedShow…

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“there are more Mac users on the earth today than ever before in history” by @danielpunkass on @CommittedShow podcast

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iPadMediaCamp Our Twitter List for 2015 iPad Media Camp participants has been updated with our @OKCPS cohort!…

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iPadMediaCamp The YouTube Channel header image for iPad Media Camp has been updated!…

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iReading: All Systems Go for NASA’s Mission to Jupiter Moon Europa by @NASA via @nuzzel @spacecom

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