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June 19th, 2015

Just saw “Inside Out” with the family: great flick - Pixar rocks! http://t.co/E6gU5VhXnf

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@KeriSmith84 awesome! :-) here is a good list of folks to follow https://t.co/LxBkDUJ2uv

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EdCampScience We are in the single digits! Only 9 spots left for ! Edcampscience.eventbrite.com pic.twitter.com/SEGpECV3OL

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@TParks @MrRogersTech @eshileman @OKCPSETS ok thanks - @sfryer & I will just be there Fri - Monday tho…

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@JayePelley what is the link to your blog? You might go ahead and include it in your Twitter profile :-)

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NWSNorman (Correction) At 730pm Red R at Gainesville, Washita R at Dickson have crested at record levels. pic.twitter.com/l6iaYKdXQ8

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RT @RachfMC: Finally up!!!! Woo!!!!! Enjoy episode 6, of Scandinavia!!! https://t.co/kTOowKW89p

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RachfMC I do believe life is complete. @AmyLee_thirty3 pic.twitter.com/DcPEx8f6eL

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#OklaEd have you registered yet for Monday’s Free @OETAOK @PBSLrnMedia led by @sfryer? There is still time! http://t.co/VWnEkc1Uc8

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MrRogersTech Just received my scores from the OPET 6-12 test. I passed. I am no longer an alternative ed teacher. I am a regular teacher.

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@MrRogersTech congrats, that is awesome! Time to celebrate!

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iReading: Personalize, Not Standardize j.mp/1GbbfIz by @gcouros

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.@eshileman @OKCPSETS that would be great! Is someone from OTA organizing an meetup like Dana O used to do? cc @TParks

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RT @katiefehren: Pelosi says it’s immoral that millions of kids can’t access digital learning http://t.co/3gbALZMfAj http://t.co/43F8h0ryKZ

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@eshileman You are welcome, thanks so much for stopping by today! You going to ?

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.@RebelMs85 @jjash “Curiosity Links” page of my curriculum website is filled w gr8 YouTube links for students stem.wesfryer.com/home/curiosity

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@RebelMs85 @jjash An example: Check out 2 fantastic videos about the Coriolis Effect smartereveryday.com/toiletswirl by @smartereveryday @veritasium

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@RebelMs85 @jjash YouTube is fantastic for the high-quality videos you can find for students as well as the opportunity to publish them

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How I did on Twitter this week: 103 New Followers, 210 Mentions, 207K Mention Reach. How’d your week go? via sumall.com/myweek

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Day 3 of @ipadmediacamp in @OKCPS: Interactive Writing, Digital Portfolios & eBooks http://t.co/Grgch8dnmx #OklaEd http://t.co/y3Ze1hYoXk

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RT @k12online: New post: 2015 Keynotes and Marketing Flyer http://t.co/SkPAHLCvwy #k12online15

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