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June 21st, 2015

cybraryman1 A5 Need to publicize all the great things happening in school and get out into the community to showcase talents of children.

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shareski There are many travesties and injustices in this world I care deeply about. Because I don’t voice them on social media doesn’t mean jack.

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ManuelGonzales This board (missing @bhwilkoff in pic) is excited to kick off another great conference starting tomorrow! pic.twitter.com/0ljloBizor

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.@TParks please spread the word about this free @storychasers student news workshop on July 11th in #okc :-) http://t.co/VJeahiFTgf #oklaed

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@TParks @Cronkite_ASU looks like an awesome conference! And then for you, right?!

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resources for my “Quick Edit Videography” workshop Monday at #InnEdCo15 https://t.co/T2kdwxjuIH #googleEDU

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resources for my “GeoMaps for Geo Literacy” workshop Monday at #InnEdCo15 https://t.co/0NNg9gzHmH #googleEDU

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slides & resources for my Google in Education Academy keynote Monday at #InnEdCo15 https://t.co/aHRGAXyeRX #googleEDU

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h/t to @dianewoodard: Use Google Drive to Auto-Email PD Certificates When Evaluation Form is Submitted https://t.co/r8P9vim54C #innedco15

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good Father’s Day [VIDEO] by @GoPro Learning To Surf With Dad https://t.co/AnImII98Ka

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Anyone know if Google has a free web tool available that is similar to Yahoo Pipes? pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/ cc @cogdog

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Thanks to @roger_nixon for sharing this handy playlist of “Timers for Google Slides” https://t.co/1TRbkycnty #googleEDU #innedco15

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Digital Portfolios updated with “Digital Assignment Turn In Options” Google Slide from @iPadMediaCamp http://t.co/lTXMHTODmF for #innedco15

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@Mrs_Geology The form accepts the URL as data, but the GeoMap won’t show it. Maybe for spam prevention reasons? Not sure why.

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@Mrs_Geology OK - thanks. I’ll remove that guideline in the Google Form. I’d added validation by URL. I forgot that requires it!

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@Mrs_Geology @ManuelGonzales @brianrozinsky I had it assign different colors, but those can align to specific categories or numerical ranges

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@ManuelGonzales I added some explanatory text on the form response page, that the results won’t show up immediately. Thanks!

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@Mrs_Geology hey cool, so based on your Twitter handle I’m thinking you’ll like this GeoMap stuff! :-)

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@ManuelGonzales No, with Google “My Maps” the results are not instant, users have to manually re-import… but it’s still cool!

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[VIDEO] Connect an Interactive GeoMap with Google Form Results https://t.co/uTV63h50jD #InnEdCO15 #GeoMap #googleEDU #geography #tutorial

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Calling all #InnEdCO15 Google Academy participants! Please fill out this Google Form to help me create a GeoMap! https://t.co/DE57dTobxa

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@elynnlll @gcouros I’ve just used default Twitter widget colors… unfortunately I don’t think the process is simple http://t.co/5UaEfPuseE

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kjsain Flexible innovative furniture by Office Scapes. Excited to hold sessions in this space vine.co/v/ei3gM7EFlD3

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@MrNeibauer @InnEdCO thanks, hopefully we can visit! I will just be at the conference Monday, tho

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@KimMcMonagle I am enthused about the potential of educational technology to empower student voice!

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KimMcMonagle CO inspires. What about edtech are you impassioned about or percolating on like a slow moving stream? pic.twitter.com/T24J9yYRzn

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I am in Denver now enroute to in Keystone. Excited to think about here next year! pic.twitter.com/nejIJ6u7g1

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@CathyBenge1 I do often post tweets using @buffer however, and that lets me schedule posts into the future!

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@CathyBenge1 @storychasers do you mean the date of that workshop? That’s the day we’re having it, not the day I tweeted that :-)

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storychasers Our July 11th “Student News Workshop” in Oklahoma City is now FREE! Get a free digital camera & more! storychaserclub101.eventbrite.com

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@ManuelGonzales sounds great, I’m looking forward to catching up!

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On board my @SouthwestAir flight bound for Denver/Keystone & the Google in Education Academy! pic.twitter.com/X3WV00Q2IN

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InnEdCO We are hard at work getting attendee folders filled! We can’t wait to see everyone! pic.twitter.com/WKy4NmFEmp

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@tonyvincent I was going to get your same model, but it looks like this one is a little newer & cheaper. Can’t wait to get it! Thanks :-)

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iReading: What I Bought in 2012 j.mp/1Gfkmb3 by @tonyvincent (includes j.mp/1Gfknvz label printer!)

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I just ordered a @BrotherOffice QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer wfryer.me/printer from @amazon h/t @tonyvincent

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RT @STEMseeds: [VIDEO] Oklahoma State Symbols: A YouTube playlist of 6 videos by Linda Skinner https://t.co/caIgFvfhRY #OklaEd

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RT @pgoerner: RT @gcouros: Finalizing all session resources for #innedco15: http://t.co/ezr6OcWVgK. This is like finding a gold mine!

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@shoewee @HallDavidson right, when I initially saw that article I thought they meant they were discontinuing the line, not just that model!

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@NgMarlon @mrsmhebert fantastic, I’ll try to come to your Sunday night poster session then!

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@jwbvt @sfryer yes, me too! I was so happy I was able to move it from the school laptop I had to return in May to this new one!

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iReading: Show What You Know Using Web & Mobile Apps - Version 4 j.mp/1SA3t2t by @tonyvincent

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iReading: Google to remove revenge porn search results j.mp/1IWnbAY by @dmkravets @arstechnica abt @theamitsinghal post

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@NgMarlon super - would love to visit w you at ! i will be there Sat thru Monday

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I’ve updated the podcast feed for “Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcasts” http://t.co/F57HZVFJ7F #mobile2015

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new podcast: Reflections on the 2015 Mobile Learning Experience http://t.co/tunme5NNNv with @sfryer & @Ryan7Read #mobile2015 @mobile2015

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