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June 23rd, 2015

MT @tinderforest: World Forum International Mud Day! worldforumfoundation.org/?p=1448 (June 29th!)

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ChildrenNature New study shows sounds increase workplace productivity & positivity. How can we integrate into kids’ lives? bit.ly/1CfICs4

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d_tinker “Curiosity is the only real talent a naturalist needs.” — Wildlife Biologist Douglas Chadwick

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@joedale @tonyvincent @TechChef4u @jonsamuelson Know of an audio recording app that creates a transcript automatically? cc @TParks

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@shahlock @DianeRavitch I have seen Rafe talk & read some of his work, I’m glad he’s stepping up 2 advocate for fellow teachers in this case

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@TParks I have those apps and other suggestions linked on the “Radio Show” page of showwithmedia.com/radio-show/

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@TParks I still use the free version of iTalk Recorder https://t.co/njGp37ejaQ a lot, even tho you need a laptop software to file transfer

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@TParks Voice Record Pro https://t.co/R13wQDn2TU saves to the camera roll as a video, so you can publish to YouTube which is nice

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@TParks in the last month I’ve been liking @OpinionPod - no transcript but allows for editing and publishes online even with a feed address

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@zeier_joy welcome to Twitter, Joy! Here is a list of great folks to follow: https://t.co/LxBkDUJ2uv

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iReading: Children should advance in school according to skill, not age by @michaelbhorn via @edventures @storyfaye http://t.co/0l34xKSuDo

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RT @DianeRavitch: Rafe Esquith Will File a Class Action Suit http://t.co/cXdm5sjjWz

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@cogdog @pumpkiny sounds terrific! I just had a chance to spend a couple days in Colorado and wish I could’ve been camping too!

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courosa Also, I’m guessing that teachers don’t commonly use checklists to validate web sources. How do we teach Ss to evaluate sources IRL?

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@BNBuzz is doing their part to bring back vinyl records! bn.com/vinyl pic.twitter.com/vxDuvSucwd

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“AT&T DriveMode” app stops incoming text messages when driving & lets parents monitor kids appsto.re/us/VJUe2.i pic.twitter.com/w6ku5TfHBo

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RachfMC Minecraft PC- the Land of Scandinavia: My Bedroom! {7}: youtu.be/_lfyCxnikPU?a via @YouTube

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ShakeUpLearning Everything You Need to Know About Google Photos buff.ly/1HbVCqb

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iReading: A New Chapter! by @kjarrett (good summary of his #STEM program journey!) #steam http://t.co/BWuFpMgs4d

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Back home in after in Keystone, Colorado… Missing that cool Summit County weather already! pic.twitter.com/IKAj5GxrGh

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mguhlin 5 Quick Tips for Using Periscope, Twitter’s New Live Video Streaming App ift.tt/1GthtYT

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iReading: Facebook’s new algorithm can identify you even if your face is hidden by @mathewi in @Fortune #SocialMedia http://t.co/D7cMVqMY6l

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southwest wifi @ Denver International Airport instagram.com/p/4R8CGwugH7/

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help page for Google Photos: Hide where photos or videos were taken j.mp/1J2CGYa

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TyrnaD We have a longstanding idea that the “good” kids are the ones who sit still. We have GOT to change this now!

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kcedwards25 If a kid has trouble sitting still, should his punishment be to take away recess? How does that make sense? -Jonathan Mooney

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NancyW More info about our amazing keynote speaker: jonathanmooney.com

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@Erinsmayer well, sometimes ADD is also a problem… It can be a real condition.

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I used the iPhone app “TurboScan” to scan my receipts from this week appsto.re/us/ChUAu.i pic.twitter.com/wgOf0n6hjy

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In our #InnEdCO15 #GeoMap session yesterday participants were evenly split on the question: “Is ET real?” https://t.co/HHQnGfApNM

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Kudos to Google for the new “Privacy Checkup” process - very clear & helpful myaccount.google.com/privacy

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thorprichard Why else would I pick that hotel for ? BIG OLD BOATS are visiting! @TallShipsPC bit.ly/1Jgmky6 pic.twitter.com/9NGEbm18ug

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raffelsol Big problem is that parents want to see their kids taught they way they were because that is what they know.

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LauraGMitchell Digital learning quadrants with @E_Sheninger at pic.twitter.com/zgOprwAann

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brookem1015 Just upgraded my account for so my favorited tweets can be auto saved and auto-tagged! Win!

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@brookem1015 that is a great trick, thanks for sharing!

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@teachoklahoma I don’t think you can text chat when you’re broadcasting with , you just answer questions verbally

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@Sara24lynn sorry to miss you! I was just at for the Google Academy on Monday. Now back home & then off to Friday!

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InnEdCO Give up control and embrace tech/social media otherwise students feel like they are in jail! @E_Sheninger pic.twitter.com/nMCEU3L2rQ

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MrsPotts19 Tackk v Lino v Padlet same idea different features. Which tool to choose for which assignment. I can see the benefits of all 3.

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RT @PsylowNerd: Teachers need to share their stories! Check out my blog post on why teachers should blog - http://t.co/FH58CaeEmc #innedco15

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dlevesque School vs Learning @gcouros pic.twitter.com/spef9gOikh

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I listened to Podcast Episode 18 on by @jjash & @techyturner cc @sfryer pca.st/ks8N

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Mrs_Geology Going to try to reflect on each day. Thanks @bhwilkoff @PlanetEfficacy @wfryer for a great first day. pic.twitter.com/UAD2yK64RI

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iReading: Baltimore’s Challenge: Buy Computers For 100,000 Kids, And Don’t Mess It Up j.mp/1Fyr1eO by @mollyhc via @douglevin

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SenorG Good morning ! If you missed the awesone @gcouros keynote yesterday, I posted a recap here

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