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July 13th, 2015

Ever wanted to do multi-camera video using Google Hangouts? Here’s how: http://t.co/qYGX6Pd8VP via @SwitcherStudio #googleEDU

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Very cool: Switcher Studio @SwitcherStudio supports multi-camera iOS live webcasting! cc @tparks @storychasers http://t.co/IVWHL90NMh

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_enodatio @wfryer brilliant resource, using digital media across learning spaces showwithmedia.com/about/ pic.twitter.com/NPRYc7Kd1l

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kscosmosphere Don’t miss our PlutoPalooza events next week: on.fb.me/1TqDACF

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@tbbrwn hey, a huge congrats on the successful defense of your dissertation last week! Awesome!

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@tbbrwn @scifri right, but like goats and sheep honey bees are cultivated animals that require human care & tending!

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New fact for me thanks to @scifri: bumblebees are wild animals in North America, honey bees were imported from Europe pca.st/9D8e

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_enodatio @wfryer @ZeinaChalich just explored “show what you know with media” WOW! Better than a gift, if that’s possible! Sharing, for sure!

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@_enodatio @ZeinaChalich it is still a work in progress! Glad you’re liking it, if you have suggestions please let me know!

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.@_enodatio @ZeinaChalich here is the “Show with Media” website, with resources for each product type! showwithmedia.com

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NASANewHorizons 10 hours to go and 308,347 miles to closest approach. Want to watch? seeplutonow.com pic.twitter.com/JWNaCfL1GQ

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Has anyone found and used a relatively affordable small video & audio mixer to do a two camera Google hangout or other webinar?

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[VIDEO] Behind The Cover: Lee Goldberg @LeeGoldberg by @AmazonKDP youtu.be/HSxEpWaKgiM

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@adamjonesed @BreneBrown Great question! I think I’ll need to write a blog post rather than respond in a tweet :-)

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RT @CasadySTEM: Linked collection of Independent School Maker Spaces! https://t.co/40azk9wibZ via @bigenhoc #STEM #MakerEd

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Listening to @scifri Audio Podcast July 9: News Roundup, New Horizons, Bumblebees, Lollipops pca.st/9D8e

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@MissDtheTeacher my dissertation on phonecasting is available online http://t.co/sUCvGM65bs #edchatNZ

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MissDtheTeacher Anyone willing to share their masters thesis in something edu related with me? :) Trying to wrapping my head around some things…

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iReading: How To Improve Your Writing: 5 Secrets From Hollywood nzzl.us/cUvK9x8 via @nuzzel @TimKasper

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